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Sunday, April 3, 2011

Show Character Count While Typing Text Message.

Are you new to iPhone? Do you know you can display the character count while typing a text message? Just take a few seconds to configure the option and you’ll find how easy it helps you save your text message cost.

Text message (aka SMS) is limited to 160 characters including spaces. For any reason you send a text message with more than 160 characters, iPhone will automatically break it into two individual messages and send them to the recipient. Normally this shouldn’t be a problem if you’re using a data plan with unlimited text messages.
However for those using data plan that charges you per message, you probably want to keep the text message within the limit in order to avoid the extra cost imposed by the additional message.
Since the release of iOS 4.0, Apple allows iPhone user to display the character count in the Message. You can simply go to Settings -> Messages and enable the “Character Count” option.
Once the option is enabled, launch the “Message” app. You’ll see the character count as you type in the message. But please note the character count will only be displayed when the text message is more than one line.


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