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Sunday, April 17, 2011

Apple Launched Discussions Website “Apple Support Communities”.

Apple has completely revamped its website for customer support, adding a number of interesting features. Here is the new Apple Support Community .

This new support website is structured as a true virtual community, where you can ask questions about problems with Apple products and receive answers immediately. The new Apple Support Community , in fact, is structured similarly to Yahoo Answer, because users have the ability to respond immediately to any demand for other Apple customers and a positive vote if the response is helpful.

In addition, you will now receive an email whenever someone responds to its own discussion. Apple Support Community widget also includes a feature that allows users to create their own personal home page, scelezionando discussions and arguments for him more interesting. Widgets can in fact be handled by the most popular tags for answers, members recently, the most popular posts, unanswered questions, ads, news and information on community places.


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