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Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Apple to Release iOS 4.3.3 to Correct the Problem of Localization

According to what reported by Apple in an official statement , the company, after acknowledging the presence of a major bug in the latest versions of IOS, which endangers the safety of some sensitive user data, said it was ready to issue a new firmware update for iPhone that will improve several aspects of the operating system.It is believed that iOS 4.3.3 can be released in the coming weeks, we have no precise details on the matter. Apple has instead provided several indications of the changelog of the new firmware version that will be released soon.

The new firmware should:
  • Reduce the size of cache dedicated to the storage of location information on the iPhone;
  • Stop back up this memory cache;
  • Completely erase this cache when you disable the Location Based Services;
Also, the next version of IOS, the cache will be encrypted on the iPhone.


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