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Saturday, April 16, 2011

Use Dual SIM on Jailbroken iPhone 4.

The Rebelsimcard has created an innovative accessory for iPhone 4, called "Rebel 2Phone Dual Sim Standby Case", which allows the simultaneous use of two SIM cards, fully functional and empowered to receive and make calls simultaneously.

Rebel 2Phone Dual Sim Standby Case making it possible to simultaneously receive calls on both SIM and by selecting one of the two, in a simple and fast. This is a case, complete with a built-in battery 800mAH, where you can insert a second SIM, which is immediately accessed from the iPhone 4.

In order to use both SIM (the one normally inserted into the slot 4 and the iPhone in this case) is, however, need to jailbreak the device and install it from Cydia 2Phone Rebel . Only this app allows you to simultaneously manage the two SIM.

The price is 149.99 pounds (about 170 €), available here .


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