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Sunday, December 23, 2012

Tweet from iFile (Cydia) (@iFile4iPhone)

iFile (Cydia) (@iFile4iPhone)
iFile 1.8.1-1 will go online in Cydia later tonight. Here is the change-log: for you.

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Tweet from iFile (Cydia) (@iFile4iPhone)

iFile (Cydia) (@iFile4iPhone)
iFile 1.8.1-1 will go online in Cydia later tonight. Here is the change-log: for you.

Download the official Twitter app here

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Tuesday, November 27, 2012


Redeem code per In Arrivo! HD


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Friday, November 2, 2012

install a iPad Mini into a dash of a car.

Soundwaves of Tampa is likely the first to install a iPad Mini into a dash of a car.

Check out their video below...

[via Brent]

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iFone wants Apple to stop selling the iPhone under its current name in Mexico.

Apple has lost an injunction bid that would have allowed the company to continue selling iPhone branded devices in Mexico, reports Electronista.

A court in Mexico City handed down a ruling last Thursday denying Apple's injunction request on the grounds that the iPhone brand is too phonetically similar to iFone, a brand belonging to a Mexican company that registered its name four years prior to Apple's filing for the iPhone brand mark. The decision stems from a legal action that Apple initially filed in 2009 requesting that the company cease using the iFone brand in order to head off the possibility of consumer confusion.

The iFone trademark was registered in 2003 and the firm has sued Apple for damages valued at up to 40% of iPhone sales revenue. iFone also wants Apple to stop selling the iPhone under its current name in Mexico.


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Thursday, November 1, 2012

iFixit has posted its teardown of the new iPad mini.

While making our yearly October 31st rounds, we came across something interesting: a brand new iPad Mini! All hopped up on sugar, we eagerly tore into Apple's first small tablet. Smaller than an iPad, larger than an iPod, and able to leap tall buildings in a single bound, we'd heard mighty claims about the Mini. It was finally time to crack it open and take a look for ourselves.

● The Mini is the first handheld iDevice to house stereo speakers.
● Model Number: A1432
● This round of glass removal was easier than previous ones, requiring less patience and a near-zero fear-factor.
● This is a 3.72 V, 16.5 Whr, 4400 mAh battery.
● Apple once again went with Samsung in its display manufacturing.

Hit the link below for the full teardown.

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Apple has released iOS 6.0.1 for the iPhone, iPad, iPad Mini, and iPod Touch.

Apple has released iOS 6.0.1 for the iPhone, iPad, iPad Mini, and iPod Touch. You can download the update by connecting your device to iTunes to download or via OTA update.

This update contains improvements and bug fixes, including:
● Fixes a bug that prevents iPhone 5 from installing software updates wirelessly over the air
● Fixes a bug where horizontal lines may be displayed across the keyboard
● Fixes an issue that could cause camera flash to not go off
● Improves reliability of iPhone 5 and iPod touch (5th generation) when connected to encrypted WPA2 Wi-Fi networks
● Resolves an issue that prevents iPhone from using the cellular network in some instances
● Consolidated the Use Cellular Data switch for iTunes Match
● Fixes a Passcode Lock bug which sometimes allowed access to Passbook pass details from lock screen
● Fixes a bug affecting Exchange meetings

For information on the security content of this update, please visit this website:

If you have an iPhone 5, the updater will download an app first that enables OTA updates then it will download 6.0.1.

We'll keep you posted on any other changes.

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iOS Updater for iPhone 5

Apple just released iOS 6.0.1 to squash some bugs that have been running around on all iOS devices. But if you have an iPhone 5 the OTA update process is a lot different than usual because one of the bugs iOS 6.0.1 fixes is the inability for iPhone 5s to install over the air updates.

To get the update, you'll have to download an app called iOS Updater, which isn't difficult to get but we've got a quick guide to help you update your iPhone 5 just in case things get a little confusing.


To download iOS Updater on your iPhone 5, go to Settings >> General >> Software Update. From the software update screen you'll see that a software update is available called Updater for iPhone 5. Tap on "Learn More" to go to the iOS Updater download screen.


Once you're at this iOS Updater download screen you just need to tap on Download and Install to start the process.


Make sure to tap Install on the next screen.


Once the download starts you'll be switched back to your homescreen where you'll find a new app call iOS Updater. Install iOS 6.0.1 over the air, just open the iOS Updater app.



Once you open up iOS Updater, you'll be switched back to the Software Update screen and see the notification that iOS 6.0.1 is ready to download. From here on out you can update your iPhone 5 as you normally would over the air, and once the installation is complete iOS Updater will be deleted from your homescreen.

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Apple's new 12W power adapter charges the iPad 30-45 minutes

Apple's new 12W power adapter charges the iPad 30-45 minutes faster than the previous 10W adapter, reports Insanely Great Mac.

The new 12 Watt USB Power Adapter delivers a few more watts for your iPad. The goal is to reduce charging times slightly over the 10 Watt version. It works with all iPads, iPhones, and iPods. $19.

Take a look below...

[via Tony]

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Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Hide Any Stock App On Home Screen Or Status Bar In Mobile Safari On iOS Without Jailbreak

If you want to make changes to iOS' user interface or wish to get rid of pre-installed, stock apps, you are required to first jailbreak your iOS device and then install the relevant tweaks from Cydia. This is fine on older A4 / A5 devices running previous versions of iOS, but if you're using a device like the iPhone 5, iPod touch 5G or iPad 4, you'll be out of luck. That is until now!

Developed by maty1500, the RAG3HACK website allows you to remove iOS apps and get rid of the status bar in Mobile Safari. Check out how to do them after the jump.

iOS doesn't allow you to remove its stock apps; I'm sure this doesn't bother the majority of iOS device owners, but it's surely an annoyance for those of you who like to keep their home screens tightly organized.

The list of apps supported by this web-based tool includes not just your usual Stocks and Newsstand, but also apps like Photos, Mail, Notes, Reminders, Contacts, Clock, FaceTime and even Phone, Music, iOS 6's Passbook, iPad's Photo Booth etc. if you want to.

Here's what you need to do:

Step 1: Using Mobile Safari, navigate to:

Step 2: Scroll down to see the list of apps the web tool supports. Tap on Hide <app of your choice>.

hide 1

Step 3: This will begin installation of a web app. This will replace the <app of your choice>'s icon on your home screen.

Step 4: At this point, the installation will fail. This is normal. Do not panic.

hide 2

Step 5: Simply tap Done.

Step 6: Tap and hold the <app of your choice>'s icon to go into wiggle mode.

Step 7: Tap the X on the app's icon to delete it.

hide 3

When you perform the last step, you aren't deleting the app. It's only being removed from view. If, somehow, you feel you need to use that app again, you simply need to reboot your smartphone to get it back.

If you wish to remove status bar in Mobile Safari for a slightly more screen real-estate, you need to open and simply tap on No Safari Status button. Your screen will go dark for a second and then come back on without the status bar. If you want the status bar back, just close Safari from the app switcher and launch it again.

I've tested both methods myself on an iPhone 4S on iOS 5.1.1 and can confirm that they work as claimed. I was able to get Stocks app back after rebooting without any issues, though, of course, I will be removing it as soon as I wrap up this article.

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Monday, October 29, 2012

Microsoft debuted Windows Phone 8

Microsoft today debuted Windows Phone 8, the latest version of the company’s smartphone operating system.

As part of the announcement, Microsoft revealed new features, including Kid’s Corner and Rooms, along with details and pricing for a range of beautiful new smartphones from Nokia, Samsung and HTC, each with their own differentiated designs, colors and features. Windows Phone 8 devices will go on sale in November at AT&T, T-Mobile and Verizon in the U.S., as well as at carriers and retailers around the world.

● Live Tiles are the heart and soul of Windows Phone, and no other phone has them. People can arrange the iconic Start screen however they want by pinning their favorite people, apps, music, games, photos and more. Three sizes of Live Tiles and 20 bright color choices including cobalt, crimson and lime mean you can personalize your Start screen to be unmistakably yours.

● Live Apps. Live Apps bring information right to the Start screen, such as the Groupon deal of the day, flight information and news headlines. With Windows Phone 8, Live Apps such as Facebook can even deliver real-time information right to your lock screen with updated wallpaper.

● Top apps. The Windows Phone Store has 120,000 apps to choose from, with hundreds added every day and hits coming this holiday, such as “Angry Birds Star Wars,” “Cut the Rope Experiments,” “Disney’s Where’s My Water,” “LivingSocial,” “Temple Run,” “Urbanspoon” and many more. Today Microsoft announced that Pandora, the leading Internet radio service, is coming to Windows Phone in early 2013 with one year of ad-free music.

● Kid’s Corner. Exclusive to Windows Phone 8, Kid’s Corner is a worry-free way to share your phone with your kids, so they can play “Angry Birds” without texting your angry boss. Parents can now hand over their phones to the kids without worrying about deleted photos, misdirected emails, unapproved purchases or accidental phone calls. After a simple setup, parents can activate a specialized place on the phone for kids to play â€" complete with their own customizable Start screens â€" where they can access only the apps, games, music and videos picked by parents.

● Rooms. Sometimes you want to share and chat with one group, not your entire social network. Rooms allow you to create private groups of people who have Windows Phone 8 â€" like your family members best friends or fantasy football league â€" and easily connect with just them. Chat, share calendars, shopping lists or photos in an ongoing conversation where only those invited can join in. You can share some aspects of Rooms with friends and family on other smartphones as well.

● Data Sense. This new feature helps you surf more and do more â€" without worrying about going over your data limit. Data sense helps conserve your data allowance by compressing Web images, deferring data tasks to free Wi-Fi and automatically adjusting your usage as you get closer to your plan limits. Data Sense also shows how much data is used per app. As you approach your limit, Data Sense notifies you so you can get the most out of your plan. Data Sense will roll out to select mobile operators this holiday and additional partners next year. Verizon will be the first to offer Data Sense in the U.S.

● Wallet and near-field communications. Windows Phone 8 brings together the best of new wallet technologies, including payments via near-field communications (NFC).(1) The Wallet can also store your debit, credit, loyalty and membership card information on your phone.

● Always-on, premium Skype experience. With the new Skype app, coming soon to Windows Phone 8, you can make and receive Skype calls just like a regular phone call. Simply tap a friend or family member’s contact card in the People Hub, or just pick up when the phone rings. Skype is always on and available so you can choose how to connect with people.

Windows 8 Phones
● Nokia. The Nokia Lumia 920 offers state-of-the-art photography that fits in your pocket, and it is the world’s only smartphone to include Optical Image Stabilization. The Nokia Lumia 822, 820 and 810 offer a ClearBlack display and removable back exchangeable shells in a range of vibrant colors.(3) Both the Nokia Lumia 920 and 820 offer wireless charging.

● HTC. The Windows Phone 8X by HTC was designed with sleek lines and radiant colors to match Windows Phone’s new Live Tiles. This phone also breaks new ground in optics with 1080p video recording, f2.0 aperture and a dedicated HTC ImageChip on the main 8-megapixel camera and an ultrawide-angle lens on the front camera that lets you fit up to four people in the frame for a premium Skype experience. The 8X and its smaller sibling, the 8S, both boast a killer music experience with Beats Audio and exclusive built-in amps that pair perfectly with Xbox Music.

● Samsung. The Samsung ATIV S brings the biggest screen to Windows Phone, with a bright 4.8-inch touch screen and large battery for extended battery life. Wrapped in brushed aluminum, the ATIV S balances high-end materials and technology with a hairline design and light weight. The ATIV Odyssey was announced today as the latest Windows Phone from Samsung with more details to come. 

Pricing and Availability
Major mobile operators in the United States will start selling Windows Phone 8 in the coming weeks:

● Microsoft and Verizon Wireless have opened a new chapter in a long partnership. Verizon Wireless will carry the Windows Phone 8X by HTC for $199.99 with a two-year contract, and the Nokia Lumia 822, exclusive to Verizon, for $99.99 with a two-year contract. Both will be available by Thanksgiving. In addition the Samsung ATIV Odyssey, also exclusive to Verizon, will be available in December. 

● AT&T will carry the Nokia Lumia 920, the Lumia 820 and the Windows Phone 8X by HTC, all going on sale in November. AT&T will have more to share on prices in the coming weeks. 

● T-Mobile will carry the Windows Phone 8X by HTC starting at $149.99(6) for the 16GB version and the Nokia Lumia 810 from $99.99.(6) T-Mobile is expecting customers to be able to purchase these Windows Phones on Nov. 14.

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Check out this spoof of the iPad mini promo video.

Check out this spoof of the iPad mini promo video.

The script was written by John Elerick.

Take a look below...

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Saturday, October 27, 2012

Find Nearby Wi-Fi Hotspots Easily with Siri

Find Nearby Wi-Fi Hotspots Easily with Siri . The best thing about Siri is that, you can ask her to find something for you and it saves a lot of time.

If you are out somewhere and want to access internet then you can ask Siri to find nearest Wi-Fi hotspots for you. There are different ways to ask Siri for finding nearest Wi-Fi hotspots like, "Find the nearest Wi-Fi hotspot" or "Find Wi-Fi hotspots in XYZ city or state".

Find Nearby Wi-Fi Hotspots Easily with Siri

If you will ask Siri to find the nearest Wi-Fi hotspot, it will conduct a search and come up with results on the screen. Siri usually prefers to search for Coffee shops and their Wi-Fi connections but you can also command it to search for other places like fast food restaurants, public libraries or any other place where you would prefer to sit for a while and work. If Wi-Fi hotspot requires a user ID and Password to login then Siri can't help you with that but if you happen to be lucky, there will be many free to use Wi-Fi connections.

[Source] [via]

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course on how to build iOS apps in Xcode for $79

I don't usually start off these posts with the money aspect, but in this case I think it's essential that I do. This course is usually $497 and the deal we have here is $79. Okay? Big savings. Now the best part, this course from Udemy is a soup to nuts course on how to build iOS apps in Xcode—The Ultimate Xcode For iOS Apps Course: Build & Launch iOS Apps With The Most Comprehensive Xcode Course for Beginners.

So if you have an idea for an app, but absolutely zero coding experience…this is the course you need.

You get 155 lectures, 7 hours of content, all with a lifetime license (so when you need a reminder a year down the line, you can hop back to that course module and refresh your memory). Which, IMHO, is probably one of the most important things about learning something like Xcode or app development—being able to go back an review/refresh the steps when you run into trouble.


"I have always wanted to learn Xcode. I wish apple would make it easier to use. Instead, Xcode is this convoluted and difficult to use. After taking this course I know more about Xcode. This course will not make you amazing at Xcode but it will help you design apps. Im not sure if any beginner course can fully teach you how to use Xcode. The teach knows this and it looks like he has a great idea on how to softly wade people into using Xcode. I enjoyed this course and learning how to use Xcode." – Lance S.

"I went into this course without knowing anything about Xcode or app building. But this course showed me how to design apps. It sure sounds easier than it looks. Thanks to this course I can now use Xcode." – Katie M.

"So many tech courses out there focus only on the technical. This course was delightful to take because it balanced technical skills with design. I wish there were more courses like this out there. The structure of this course is set up really well because you learn some technical skills and then he talks about why you should be designing the interface a certain way. I recommend this course to anybody who wants to learn Xcode and design at the same time!" – Sandra O.

Even if you just want to make an app for yourself. Not to sell, just to do it for your own enjoyment, this is a great way to start. Of course, I figure that if you do make a great app, you'll probably want to offer it for sale.

But that's a story for another time.

If you want to learn how to make an iOS app and have no idea how or where to start…this is the deal, this is the place, this is the time.

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Apple has sold out of its first batch of 16GB Wi-Fi iPad minis in both white and black.

Apple has sold out of its first batch of 16GB Wi-Fi iPad minis in both white and black.

The company ran out of supplies of its white version just minutes after launch; however, the black version was still stocked for November 2nd delivery for about a day and half after pre-orders went live.

You can still pre-order the device in black with larger size configurations for November 2nd.

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Check out this video posted on YouTube (via Reddit) of a thief stealing a phone on the subway in Hungary.

Check out this video posted on YouTube (via Reddit) of a thief stealing a phone on the subway in Hungary.

According to the article in HVG the guy (28 old) was recognized by the police before the video became viral as he is a well known prior offender. He got arrested today at 2 AM local time at his girlfriend's flat.

This serves as a reminder to stay aware of your surroundings when on your iPhone, iPad. Even holding an An Apple bag can make you the target of thieves.

Take a look below...

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Friday, October 26, 2012

Samsung more than doubled Apple in smartphone shipments for 3Q12

The worldwide mobile phone market grew 2.4% year over year in the third quarter of 2012 (3Q12), driven by heavyweights Samsung and Apple as Nokia dropped off the Top 5 list of smartphone vendors. According to the International Data Corporation (IDC) Worldwide Quarterly Mobile Phone Tracker, vendors shipped a total of 444.5 million mobile phones in 3Q12 compared to 434.1 million units in the third quarter of 2011. In the worldwide smartphone market vendors shipped 179.7 million units in 3Q12 compared to 123.7 million units in 3Q11. The 45.3% year-over-year growth was slightly above IDC's forecast of 45.2% for the quarter.

Smartphone Vendor Highlights
Samsung maintained its leadership position in the worldwide smartphone market, posting another record quarter for itself and the industry, and more than double the total volume of its next closest competitor, Apple. This marks the first time since 4Q09 that a single company held more than 31% market share in a single quarter. Samsung's growth was fueled in large part by its broad, deep, and refreshed Android portfolio, highlighted by the full quarter availability of its flagship model Galaxy S III. In addition, the company announced multiple mid-range and mass-market models, including a new Windows Phone, the ATIV S.

Apple iPhone shipments finished the quarter nearly flat from the previous quarter, reaching a total of 26.9 million units. Although the iPhone 5 was only on the market for one week in 3Q12, the aggressive rollout of the device resulted in more than 5 million iPhones sold in the first weekend of availability, which helped buoy Apple's shipment totals. iPhone sales weren't dampened by the introduction of its Maps software, which was not completely ready for use. Instead, the iPhone 5's larger screen and 4G LTE connectivity generated user interest. What remains to be seen is how Apple will fare during the holiday quarter, when the iPhone 5 will be available in more countries worldwide.

Research In Motion's shipment volumes appear to have flattened though the company posted the second-highest year-over-year decline of any the leading vendors. RIM relied on its older product portfolio and models to achieve its status as a top 5 smartphone seller. RIM's installed base, which topped 80 million active users during the quarter, provides further evidence of the company's widespread presence globally. Still, without a new flagship model in time for the holiday season and BB10 models not expected until the first quarter of 2013, RIM's position as a top 5 smartphone vendor will be under tremendous pressure from other companies.

ZTE finished among the top 5 smartphone vendors globally thanks to continued international diversification efforts last quarter. ZTE has grown its smartphone sales of late thanks primarily to an uptick in lower-cost smartphone sales in many emerging markets. The company has traditionally been dependent on sales of phones to China, where the company is based. However, notable progress was made in North America last quarter.

HTC clung to the number 5 smartphone spot last quarter thanks to sales of key models such as the HTC One X and the EVO 4G. Continued year-over-year growth in the Asia/Pacific region helped the smartphone vendor offset some of the share losses the vendor has endured in key mature markets, namely the U.S. The company hopes to rejuvenate its global fortunes this quarter with the introduction of the 8X and 8S models, powered by Microsoft's Windows Phone 8, among others. However, it will have to convince consumers that the differences between the models and Android-powered phones or iPhones are interesting enough to merit a purchase. 

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Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Three different iPads on the market [iPad mini Vs iPad 4 Vs iPad 2 – A Detailed Comparison]

The iPad mini, announced by Apple earlier to day in front of a packed crowd in San Jose, means there are now three different iPads on the market for consumers to choose from. Whilst the scaled-down slate hasn’t throw up too many surprises – tying in with the rumors and speculation of the past few months – it does now present prospective consumers with even more to consider before making a purchase, so in this particular post, we’ll run down some of the key features of each.

The iPad 2, which has been around for nearly 20 months now, is still a decent runner  in spite of its age. Packing in a variation of the dual-core, A5 processor – the same as the new iPad mini – it offers enough power for users to enjoy high-end gaming without any lag. Its 9.7-inch display spans 1024-by-768, offering a reasonable 132 pixels per inch, or ppi, and so if you’re looking for a large screen and a cheap price in an Apple tablet, the iPad 2 is the one to go with.
iPad comparison header
The new iPad with Retina display measures the same size as its predecessor, but is slightly heavier thanks to its advanced hardware. The powerful Apple A5X processor allowed for quad-core graphics, but having been bumped up with the A6X SoC, it’s now twice as the one released in March, and with a beautiful Retina display to boot, it certainly is a joy to behold. The iPad mini, which we’ll come to in a moment, may have been the highlight of today’s announcement to many, but the third-gen iPad has been well and truly upgraded with the kind of features one might have expected early next year.
As well as the eye-watering processor speed, it also features the Lightning dock connector, improved Wi-Fi, LTE support for Europe/Asia, and HD FaceTime. So much for the menial changes we previously anticipated.

The iPad mini starts at $329 for the 16GB version, and although it’s not as high-end as the new Retina iPad – not by any stretch of the imagination – it’s got enough about it to sell in high numbers. As with the A6X-powered slate, it offers the possibility of 3G or 4G LTE, and with an iPad 2 resolution on a smaller scale, it sits in between its two larger cousins in terms of display sharpness.
So, if you’re looking for a large tablet for basic tasks, go with the iPad 2. If you’re looking for a fully-fledged, power-rich iPad experience, go with the new iPad, and if you want something in between – portable, light, and nippy – the iPad mini would seem the sensible option.
Here’s a comparison chart from Apple themselves which compares the iPad mini, iPad 2 and iPad 4 together. But, choose wisely!
iPad comparison chart

The iPad mini keynote in less than 4 minutes

If you dont have time to devote an hour and twelve minutes to watch Apple’s iPad mini keynote, then get a load of this. We’ve compiled most of the crucial information in an easily consumable nugget that’s less than 4 minutes.
What’s your favorite part of the keynote?

Why iPad Mini

The iPad mini is a totally new product for Apple. It represents a beautiful juxtaposition of the iPhone's 4-inch display and the Retina iPad's larger 10-inch canvas. While the rest of the industry has already shifted its focus to 7-inch tablets, Apple entered uncharted territory for itself today.

Based on what we've seen, the iPad mini looks like a very compelling device. I'm sure Apple will sell bazillions. What I don't understand is Apple's pitch for the iPad mini. What purpose does it serve, and what kind of customer is it intended for? There's no denying that Apple unveiled a great product today, but the purpose of the iPad mini was muddled by a confusing pitch.

"iPad mini isn't just a scaled-down iPad. We designed it to be a concentration, rather than a reduction, of the original." – Apple

I tend to sum a person up in my mind after the first 5 minutes of talking with them. The first impression is always crucial. When Apple's Phil Schiller introduced the iPad mini earlier today, he initially pitched it by saying, "What can you do with an iPad mini that you can't already do with the amazing fourth-generation iPad? You can hold it in one hand."

Schiller then proceeded to list off all of the amazing ways an iPad mini can be used. Apple believes that it's great for email, surfing the web, reading, FaceTime, productivity apps, gaming, etc. Schiller kept rattling off use cases until he finally said, "I could do 275,000 examples for you, But we don't have time!"

"It does this, this, this and that."

It's great that the iPad mini is useful in so many ways, but what is its main draw? I realize that Apple needed to hit every aspect of the device it could during the keynote, but I would have appreciated some more focus. Instead of showing a clear, distinctive pitch, the unveiling of the iPad mini felt like checking off a list. "It does this, this, this and that." Yes, Apple. But what's the point?

What I really didn't care for was the amount of time Schiller spent comparing the iPad mini to Google's Nexus 7 tablet. A quick stab would have been fine, but why take so long detailing how the iPad mini is better than its competitor? Apple has always been a company that's succeeded on selling itself. Apple's customers already know that the Android experience is inferior; there's no need to belabor the point while taking up valuable keynote time. Too much stage time was given to the Nexus 7 today.

"This isn't just a shrunken down iPad," said Schiller. "It's an entirely new design."

Leading up to today's event, there was a rumor floating around that Apple would be heavily focusing on the education sector during the keynote. This made sense to me. Touting Apple's influence on education would give the iPad mini a clear purpose: a cheaper, smaller tablet that's great for reading. I can get behind that.

Apple could have capitalized on the iPad mini's entertainment factor. Schiller could have shown off video playback and brought a couple game developers onstage. There are all kinds of different ways Apple could have angled the announcement.

Maybe Apple expects the iPad mini to sell itself. Pricing it at $329 certainly doesn't let Apple sell it on the cheapness factor when the Kindle Fire HD and Nexus 7 both sell for $199. If Apple would have priced the iPad mini between $200 to $250, the pitch would have been clear: the best tablet at the most competitive price. Instead we got the best tablet at a higher price.

The iPad mini feels like a "just cause" product from Apple. "This isn't just a shrunken down iPad," said Schiller. "It's an entirely new design." While that may be true, nothing from today's keynote gave me an indication that the iPad mini is actually more than a shrunken iPad. But I know Apple doesn't just make a product for no reason. Is the iPad mini a response to the competition, or a greater part of Apple's overarching strategy?

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Saturday, October 20, 2012

Two Hidden iOS 6 Features: Late Night EQ, Message Alerts From “Contacts Only”

Apple released iOS 6 - the latest mobile operating system for the iPhone, iPad and iPod touch with over 200 new features almost three weeks back.

In this article, we take a look at two new features in ios 6 that are not so well known.

Late Night Equalizer: 
Apple has added a new equalizer settings in iOS 6, which compresses the dynamic range of the audio output, reducing the volume of loud passages. You can use this setting while going to bed or when you're listening to music on an airplane or in some other noisy environment.

You can enable the Late Night Equalizer setting by following these steps:

  • Launch the Settings app
  • Scroll down and tap on the Music option
  • Then tap on EQ
  • Scroll down and tap on Late Night to select it

The Late Night setting applies to all audio output—video as well as music and affects all sound output, including the headphone jack and AirPlay, just like any other EQ settings.


The feature is not available for iPhone 3GS, iPhone 4 and iPod touch 4G users.

Message Alerts From Contacts Only:

While notifications and alerts ensure we don't miss new information and events, it can be really annoying when you get one for a spam text message. Thankfully in iOS 6, you can now silence the alerts from unknown phone numbers by limiting alerts only from your people in your contact list by following these steps.

  • Launch the Settings app
  • Tap on Notifications
  • Then scroll down and tap on Messages under In Notification Center

  • Scroll down and tap on Contacts Only option.

That's it, you'll no longer be disturbed by an alert for a text message from an unknown contact.

Friday, October 19, 2012

Get IMEI of Unactivated iPhone using RedSn0w 0.9.15b2

iPhone Dev Team's RedSn0w 0.9.15b2 was a pretty significant upgrade over the previous version. One of the new features is 'Identify' which gives you more information about your device.

This new feature provides a list of technical information about an iOS device. It supports both non-jailbroken and jailbroken devices. It even supports the latest 

Here are the steps on how to use this feature on the latest redsn0w:

Step 1: Download the latest version of RedSn0w from the links at the bottom of this post.

Step 2: Connect your iPhone to your computer.

Step 3: Launch redsn0w, go to Extras > Even More, and click Identify.

Step 4: redsn0w will pull data from your iPhone and and generates a list of technical specs and information under the Device info window.

Step 5: Click Save to save the data.

Here is an output of the fields provided using this new option:


It's also possible to use it if your iPhone is in DFU mode but the information generated is very basic.

Redsn0w will always become a must have tool for unlockers and jailbreakers alike.

Download links for redsn0w 0.9.15b2

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Sunday, October 14, 2012

The iPhone Dev-Team has announced RedSn0w 0.9.15b1

Restoration reinvigoration

Today we're pleased to release redsn0w version 0.9.15b1, with significant new features supporting restoring to older firmware no longer being signed by Apple.  For brevity, we'll list most of the new features in bullet form.  For more details, please feel free to drop by our comments section, or check out any upcoming guides on tutorial sites like

First, the high-level new feature list:

  • restore from any 5.x iOS to any other (up, down or the same) 5.x iOS on all devices as long as you have the correct blobs (see more below)
  • Cydia now included in the tethered 6.0 jailbreak on A4 devices
  • automatically "Just Boot" tethered when qualifying A4 device connects in DFU mode
  • untethered 6.0 jailbreak on old-bootrom 3GS
  • untethered 6.0 hactivation on any 3GS or iPhone4
  • directly restore pre-A5 devices to earlier firmware — no more complicated 15-step how-to's with stitching, iTunes errors, and "hosts file" concerns
  • fetch new signed blobs for any IPSW (present or future — no redsn0w update required) using Extras->SHSH Blobs->New
  • block the BB update for any 3GS or iPhone4 restore (past, present, or future — no redsn0w update required) using Extras->Even More->Restore
  • deactivate any iPhone, useful for testing your "official" unlock status through iTunes.  (Please only deactivate your own iPhone!)
  • activation status shown on "Even more" page
  • significantly more (very nerdy) info returned by "Identify" button when device is in Normal mode
  • tethered jailbreak of ATV2 supported (but the only thing available for it is the SSH2 custom bundle available here — no Cydia yet.  Must use "Select IPSW" for tethered boot of ATV2 for now).
  • auto-exit WTF mode for older devices with broken buttons
  • any time a set of blobs is fetched remotely (from Apple or Cydia), redsn0w also saves them locally (and will check there first if you click "Local")
  • for your future restoring convenience, you should also submit all of your past and present TinyUmbrella blobs to Cydia if you haven't done so yet.  Resubmitting is okay and won't cause conflicts.

Here are more details on the iOS5-to-iOS5 restores for A5+ devices.  (Note: pre-A5 devices don't have these restrictions — just follow the redsn0w prompts during the restore).

1. redsn0w now lets you restore an A5+ device from any iOS5 to any other iOS5 as long as you have correct 5.x blobs for the starting (current) and ending points of the restore

  • APtickets eliminated "higher-version only" comparison of firmware restores (just like BBtickets did for the baseband)
  • example restores supported by redsn0w if you have the correct blobs: 5.1.1-to-5.0.1, 5.0.1-to-5.1.1, 5.1.1-to-5.1.1, 5.0.1-to-5.0.1
  • if you don't have the blobs locally, let redsn0w try to fetch them remotely (redsn0w always tries both Apple and Cydia).  Any succesful remote fetch also saves a local copy too.

2. You DO NOT QUALIFY for iOS5-to-iOS5 restores if you got to your current 5.x via an OTA update

  • the tickets saved by Cydia, redsn0w, and TinyUmbrella do not cover OTA update ramdisk images 
  • even if they did, it's the "wrong kind" of ramdisk (you'd need to start at that earlier pre-OTA FW)
  • devices fresh from factory or refurb may fall in the "does not qualify" category (your results will vary)
  • it's okay if you previously got to 5.x via an OTA update, as long as your current 5.x was installed via a normal iTunes restore.  All that matters is how you got to your current 5.x most recently
  • redsn0w detects an OTA/normal-restore APticket mismatch very early, so if you don't know your status there should be no harm in trying.  Any device in recovery mode after such a mismatch can boot normally again just by going back to "Even More" screen from the "Restore" screen (or use "Recovery Fix" if you quit redsn0w before doing that).

3. Unlike the A4 devices, redsn0w can't (usefully) prevent the baseband updates of A5+ iPhones and iPads.

  • and so, redsn0w automatically flashes the currently signed baseband when it does A5+ restores, even if those basebands didn't come with the original firmware
  • stay away from this if you have an unofficial unlock that isn't supported by the newest baseband
  • the least-tested baseband update code in redsn0w is for iPad2,3 and iPad3,2.  Please give any feedback on those iOS5 restores in the comments section below.

4. iPad2 owners (all three models) with saved 4.x blobs can use those instead, even from 6.x

  • if you have both 4.x and 5.x iPad2 blobs, you can always get to 5.x via the 4.x blobs, even if you're currently on 6.x
  • you cannot get to 5.x from 6.x without the 4.x blobs (but you may still qualify for the iOS5-to-iOS5 restore described above)
  • if somehow you have 4.x blobs but no 5.x blobs, you can still go down to 4.x from 6.x
  • this only applies to iPad2 owners (they're the only A5+ devices that ever had a public 4.x FW)
  • redsn0w still supports (but doesn't require) jailbreaking A5+ devices at 5.0.1 and 5.1.1.  Just head back to the first page after re-restoring to 5.x.  It's always much faster to jailbreak those FW versions with a freshly-restored device, before letting iTunes restore from a saved userland backup.

And finally, some random details:

5. ultrasn0w isn't yet updated for 6.x

  • by now you probably should be taking advantage of the extremely cheap IMEI-based unlocks of iPhones sold by established online retailers like
  • still, IMEI-based unlocks don't work in all cases.  We'll announce when ultrasn0w is ported up to 6.x
  • redsn0w will still hactivate your 3GS or iPhone4 if you run it before the device is activated.  Due to the current tethered 6.x JB status, redsn0w now hactivates 6.x without requiring subsequent tethered boots.  If you accidentally hactivate with redsn0w, use the "Deactivate" checkbox available from the Jailbreak screen, not the normal one in "Even more"

6. As always, redsn0w lets you "Fetch" the SHSH blobs currently flashed onto your pre-A5 device

  • use this if you're at 5.x or 4.x but without having saved your blobs when the window was open
  • this is only useful when Apple is no longer signing the firmware, otherwise Cydia/redsn0w "New"/TinyUmbrella blobs are superior (but you're welcome to fetch your 6.0 blobs this way anyway)
  • fetching blobs in this fashion will automatically forward them up to Cydia, as well as save a local copy

We realize there's a lot of info in this post.  If you're at all confused about things remember to visit our comments section, with our very helpful user base and moderators like dhlizard, Frank55, 41willys, and slavakulikoff.

If you're in the Melbourne, Australia area, MuscleNerd (and another anonymous long-time Dev Team member) will be giving some talks at the Breakpoint conference this week.  And @mdowd's iOS talk at the same conference should be quite interesting too!  We'll also all be attending Ruxcon a few days later, so say hi if you see us!

Here are the download links.  Enjoy!

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