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Friday, February 24, 2012



Steve jobs happy birthday. Steve Jobs died last year at the age of 56 after years-long battle with pancreatic cancer, If Apple co-founder Steve Jobs had been alive today, it would have been his 57th birthday.

The man who revolutionized the way we communicate with his innovative Products like iPhone, iPod, iPod and Mac computer died on Oct. 5, 2011. And while he is not here to celebrate, fans from across the world are paying tribute to the tech visionary on his birthday.

Brendan McElroy and Seth Rogers, Mac-obsessed entrepreneurs, are planning a party in honor of Jobs' 57th birthday at Apple's flagship store – 59th Street and Fifth Avenue – in New York, according to the New York Post.

However, Apple and Jobs fans sites have been quiet ahead of his birthday. Even the company which last year celebrated Jobs' birthday has kept mum.

Our best wishes go out to Steve's family and friends.

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Thursday, February 23, 2012

A working GNU Debugger on iOS >= 4.3 [TUTORIAL BY pod2g]

A working GNU Debugger on iOS >= 4.3

People know that the gdb package coming from Cydia is broken since 4.3.

But here is a simple way to have a working gdb running on your iOS device : use the one from the Apple SDK !

Prerequisites :
- a jailbroken iOS >= 4.3 device
- OpenSSH should be installed on the iOS device and should listen for connections
- an OSX machine with the iOS SDK >= 4.3 installed

How to :
- remove the gdb package from Cydia
- do the following in the OSX terminal :

cd /tmp
cp /Developer/Platforms/iPhoneOS.platform/Developer/usr/libexec/gdb/gdb-arm-apple-darwin .
lipo -thin armv7 gdb-arm-apple-darwin -output gdb
nano entitlements.xml

- paste the following to the OSX terminal :

<!DOCTYPE plist PUBLIC "-//Apple//DTD PLIST 1.0//EN" "">
<plist version="1.0">

- save the file by doing CTRL + X, then 'Y', then 'ENTER'

- now do the following in the OSX terminal :

ldid -Sentitlements.xml gdb
scp gdb root@<iOS Device IP Address>:/usr/bin/

- GDB is now installed to your iOS device.

Happy debugging !

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Saturday, February 11, 2012

iPhone 4 baseband 4.11.08 unlock (Easy Steps)

As i promised you about 4.11.08 unlock steps, now I'm going to describe how this easy steps worked for me, but you have to try several trials to get the unlock! but it will work if understand how steps done the unlock!. if not worked just keep trying because it worked for me with two locked "MC318LL" iPhones 4 in IOS 5.0.1 and it worked for easy way.. this is not ractor unlock....

worked in iPhone 4 MC318LL with this networks. UAE : du , etisalat. Jordan: Orange , zain and Umniah

-iPhone 4.
-Orginial iPhone 4 SIM -no service- is worked --- we'll name it x
or gevey sim you can select carrier
-SIM card with constant data availablity. check it with unlocked mobiles if it has constant data, because if not won't work for you! --- we'll name it 'o'
-Luck :D.

Pre installed apps needed.
install in cydia SAM.
Go to cydia >> manage > edit > add > add this source
then install SAM.
and reload SB.

wifi = on. Just for the moemnet
Go to Settings>>General>>Network 
Service Location Must be OFF completely off.

carrier x . offical iPhone Carrier
carrier o . the carrier which we'll use to unlock the iPhone.


0-open SAM then go out the app using home botton "LET IT OPEN"

1-First of all you need to go to  (in your iPhone) and download your unofficial carrier profile (carrier o).

2. Insert your official iPhone SIM CARD "x" and dial any number , if no service dial 112.

3. Go to settings>Carrier and turn of auto search then select the network which you will use to connect in next steps (i mean carrier o). you will met a message "Restricted network ... bla bla bla..".

4.hit Dismiss . then go back to main settings menu.

5.turn on airplane mode.

6. go fast to SAM>>utilities>> and press to deactivate SAM , Deactivate push "Clear certs"

go back check if SAM is in "Desabled" mode.

7.after this step you have to forget wireless networks. and turn off auto connection 

8. go to cydia>> manage > sources then "bingner" then uninstall SAM. Don't "restart springboard" now!

9.after uninstalling sam / press home button >> and go to settings then forget the Wi-Fi network~.

. make sure airplane mode is ON

.Eject the Carrier X sim/ press of the no sim installed.

10. Go back to cyida and get ready for inserting the next sim (Carrier O).

here is the fast step!

11. press "Restart Springboard" and insert the (carrier O) Sim card Before apple Logo "i mean normal restart springboard" progress indicator.'

12. you will met the regular apple activation screen. with (E) just wait 30 seconds.

13. turn off your iPhone. then turn on. the sam activation screen you'll met "now with one signal bar" and E data connection.'ll see "use cellular connection" press it and wait 5 to 8 seconds

15.eject your sim then reinsert it fast. you will redirect to home screen!.... with full signal bar "Carrier O" network

go fast and call service center for 1 minutes "auto reply services center" of carrier O.

now go to settings>General>about and check your carrier: it must be "Carrier 11.0".

... you'll have your iPhone like a factory unlocked. Congrats.

16. enjoy calling your best friend or Baby as second call.

unlocked it no problems so far.

Tip: You can reinstall Sam and get push notifications and iMassage also facetime

this steps works MC318LL my friend reported that is worked with MC319LL...

keep trying it won't tire you more than its worth

**** sorry for my english but proudly i'm arabian****

Update1: Arabic version will be available soon , and the video will be available soon!
Need to be Translated to another languages. DONATE YOUR HELP.

Update 2 : If you don't have your Original SIM, try to get out of  "invalid sim"... you to "get searching" while last steps of activation if have gevey SIM maybe help full to select carrier!.

update 3 : SAM maybe overloaded! keep trying. if you getting no service , USE SIM Card that provide a constant Data ... some cards Data activated as requested by Carrier! and check pre settings. Roaming data must be ON

Friday, February 10, 2012

Unlock Baseband 4.11.08, (With some facts Needs to be known)-Hamzah_akram

Hello interested readers!
Before how to unlock your iPhone here is some fact needs to be known about unlocking.

"first of all I'M (Hamzah_Akram) not working for money or donations or followers, if you thinking that don't waste your time and continue reading this post"

Second, I spent too much time for failed trials of unlocking that baseband. how is hard to figure some steps to perform an achievement of unlocking my iPhone 4 "MC318LL" on IOS 5.0.1 while baseband 4.11.08. then i got fantastic results.

At the beginning of my work i found some people believing me. then just raised my work and taking that Seriously. and i done some researches about baseband characteristics (X-gold 618) which is operated by threadX. is a 'Labyrinth can be repainted' again and again ....

Since the number of followers has raised the has attention raised. Attacks of haters now are more than I expected to be. And some start faking everything.... do you asked yourself aPerplexing question? at least why are they faking it without seeing what I have, okay lets be more clear and starting mention some questions.

Question :
1- at the beginning of December MuscleNerd promised the folks an iPhone 4s unlock which is now two months ago and there is no word about it!... lets think deeply ? is that really ? Are you fucking kidding me? Where is it?!!... Now why he is not faker despite it's longer than my promise? can you ask yourself please? the answer is you won't feel that because you don't have the locked "iPod 4s" i mean like some people have a locked iPhone 4 outside its carrier country!

After all i got the correct answer of that! With some near apple sources that he is just promoting for iPhone 4s. he said to folks that ''there would be an iPhone 4s unlock! not for iPhone 4'' is that an excuse ? its been really fast to be friends with new chip ''MDM6610''. So the iPhone 4 with bb4.11.08 drop your hopes in nearest dumps, because there is no luck with it! then go and get the fuck of newest iP4s, so apple with its sales  can live! "that is the hidden policy" 

results >> MucleNerd you are not the Hero!


if make a simple researches of someone called Sherif hashim, you'll know that he never done anything about x-gold 618, he just fixed some crashes in the real time memory! And masked himself a hacker behind the unlock of all previous versions of baseband or sometimes "DOCTOR" are you fucking kidding me again ? DOCTOR or HACKER ? I'm sorry!

if have a some deep lock about this tweet he is just try to Win the heart of MuscleNerd!
another deep look >> he is just tell that noob guy that is the (CRC is the cyclical redundancy check).. harry up and find out!..

(You make me laugh Doctor!)

You don't have any idea! About how the hell is going!
Common wake up! They just skipping the unlock 4.11 and starting fighting who try! to force people to buy an iPhone 4s.


Another thing you must know the Series of Jailbreaking is sponsored by apple itself!

how ?? do you remember when the fix of iBooks released of redsnow and corona update i think it was 9b4 redsnow.. after 16 hours the update of iBooks released in appstore!.. kindly apple i don't have that mind to believe that was a Coincidence! apple?? fuck you! 500$ for useless iPhone 4!

Dear followers ... think again!....

Read this and give your opinion!

Dear websites just copy this post before it reported and deleted!

just Wait another post maybe help full for some MC318LL..

i just unlocked another iPhone 4 with a simple way! i post it today when i have some readers in this post!

follow me at @Hamzah_akram


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How to sync your iPhone with Multiple Computers

How to sync your iPhone with Multiple Computers . Note: This tutorial allows you to add music/videos/podcasts from multiple machines. If you just want to sync PIM (Contacts/Calenders etc) on one machine and media on another there's a simpler way.

On the computer you want to sync contacts/calendar with select only these items and perform a sync. Now, on the second machine enable Music/Photos/Etc and perform a second sync. You will be warned the media library will be deleted, but as there's no media this is fine :)

Because I do most of my music listening at work and my Calendar/Address book are kept in Outlook I have my iPhone setup to sync with my office PC.  When I'm at home however I find I also want to put music/podcasts/videos on my iPhone for the weekend or trips.

Normally it's only possible to sync media on an iPhone with one computer. If you try to use a second computer you get the warning below that "the iPhone XXX is synced with another iTunes library. Do you want to erase this iPhone and sync with this iTunes library"?

However, I've found an easy fix for this. In the instructions below I'll show how to modify any iTunes Library so it can also be synced with your iPhone. You can then either manually manage your iPhone on a second computer, or sync different data on different machines (E.g. Music at home, Contacts/Calendar at work).

The instructions below use the example of modifying the iTunes library on my home Mac to work with my existing iPhone/PC setup. If your existing library is on a Mac, or both machines are of the same type, then the steps are identical.

  • On the PC you can find your iTunes folder in your "My Music" (XP) or "Music" (Vista) directory. On the Mac it is in your Music directory.
  • For the editing part, I recommend UltraEdit on the PC and a combination of TextExit / HexEdit on the Mac. Any hex editor will do, and you only need to edit files on the second machine.
  • After completing these steps you will be able to sync your iPhone with both computers, either by normal syncing or choosing one machine to manually manage your music and videos. Unless you also keep your music libraries in sync, I recommend you do not attempt to normal sync the same types of data on both machines.

Backup Your Library

On the machine you want to sync with, backup "iTunes Music Library.xml" and "iTunes Music Library" (Tunes Music Library.itl on PC) to a safe location. These are the files you will be modifying.

1) Find your iTunes Library ID

On the machine your iPhone currently syncs with, open "iTunes Music Library.xml" with a text editor and find the entry between the <string></string> tags, after "Library Persistent ID". In the example below this is 8B6C633F7DACB74B. Copy this entry exactly to a piece of paper, email, temporary file etc. You can then close this file.

2) Change your Library ID

iTunes stores your library information in two places. An XML file and a binary file. You now need to change the ID in both so they match your other library.

Make sure iTunes is not running.

On the machine you want to sync with open "iTunes Music Library.xml" in a text editor. Again, find the entry between the <string></string> tags after "Library Persistent ID" and copy this entry exactly. This time you can use the clipboard if you wish.

When you have a copy, replace this entry with the one you copied in part 1. Make sure you do not change anything else, and the length of the entry is 16 characters/digits. Save this file and close it.

In the Hex Editor, open "iTunes Music Library" (Tunes Music Library.itl on PC).

Select "Find and Replace" from the Edit menu. Make sure "Hex" matching is selected (not ASCII). In "Find" enter the ID you took a note of in Part 1. In Replace, enter the ID you copied at the start of Part 2. Choose Replace All, there should be one match.

Save this file and close it.


Start iTunes on the machine you wish to sync with and plug in your iPhone. When you select "Manually manage music and videos" you will no longer be prompted to erase your data, nor will the files on your iPhone be grayed out.

Additional Notes

Previously I've found that intentionally corrupting the binary "iTunes Library" file (e.g. replacing it with a text file) would cause iTunes to regenerate it using the XML data. This no longer appears to work for me in iTunes 7.6.1 and the "repaired" file only contains a few songs. This may be because I keep my music on an external drive but I cannot say for sure. Either way, patching the binary file does not take long and removes any chance of later problems.

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