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Wednesday, April 27, 2011

The Cases of Apple.

Analyst firm says that the case Asymco Apple traded securities short and long term amounts to 65.8 billion dollars.
This figure, says the analysis, represents a huge amount of money in several ways:
These funds are large enough to guarantee a place in Apple's CFO in the top 100 largest fund managers in the world;

  1. The growth of cash in a quarter was higher than the market capitalization of many companies
  2. Currently, the case of Apple is worth more than Nokia, RIM and Motorola combined, and half of Google's enterprise value;
  3. If Apple's revenues were absurd end today (ie no longer buy Apple products), the company would be able to invest in innovation and to support financial transactions for over seven years, until 2018
These numbers show that Apple has now become one of the largest companies in the health of the planet.


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