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Friday, April 29, 2011

Lima: An Alternative to Installing Cydia That will Allow Content from Safari

Lima is a new web-app that, like Cydia, will allow users to install programs, themes and tweak on your jailbroken iPhone. Although this is a project still under construction, the developer has just released a video where you can see Lima in action.
From the movie you can learn that Lima will be divided into simple categories, just like Cydia, which will allow the user to quickly select the packages you install on your device.

Simply connect to a specific web page from iPhone, iPod touch or iPad and, after selecting a package, you can proceed with the installation of the content. Albeit with a different interface, in Lima is a small description of the packages.

At the moment there is no release date has been announced but if the work will proceed quickly, we may soon have an alternative solution to Cydia completely detached from the concept of application being integrated into the browser of the iPhone.


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