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Saturday, April 23, 2011

The First White iPhone 4 Has Been Sold!

After almost a year after the official, seems to finally be the time of public release of the iPhone 4 white. The editors of Engadget in fact received some photographs, taken directly from a successful user of Britain, on a very first model of 4 white 16GB iPhone.
In any event are not yet clear what will be the novelty of this model and if Apple will correct the hardware problem at the base of the much talked-about issueAntennaGate on the original iPhone 4.

But looking closely at the photo below (but not the best) and the first image on the front of the iPhone, it would seem that the aesthetic and therefore the positioning of the antenna remained the same even on the new iPhone 4 white .

What, however, is clearly different from the first four white iPhone shown in June last year, is without a doubt, the new sensor, now even more clear and functioning properly (hopefully).


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