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Saturday, April 30, 2011

Apple Finally Became More Profitable Than Microsoft

It's been reported by Bloomberg, That in 20 Years it's the First time that Microsoft Quarterly Profits have been left behind. And the Company surpassing their Quarterly Profit is no other than Apple. Both Microsoft and Apple revealed their Quarterly report on Thursday, And it was noted that Microsoft's net Income for Second Quarter was $5.23 Billion while Apple took the lead by making net Income of $5.99 Billion.
The reason which many have found is the iPad. Apple has made an Really great Income after releasing the iPad. While Microsoft has been Lagged behind because they have converged all their Focus on making the New Windows. Rather than Creating great Products that make more Income.

“You have to live underneath a rock not to know that the iPad has taken share from the netbook. It’s a problem on the consumer side, and that’s a market where Microsoft continues to give up territory to Apple.” – Pat Becker Jr., Becker Capital Management Inc.
This have brought a massive change, as it's been reported by Bloomberg:
“We are seeing businesses invest in technology,” Klein said. “They are buying hardware and they are buying Microsoft software.” Microsoft expects corporate PC shipments to outpace consumer sales for the rest of the year.
PC shipments have dropped by eight percent overall, and netbook shipments have fallen 40 percent. The revenue for Microsoft’s Entertainment & Devices Division, which is responsible for the Xbox, has grown 60 percent


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