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Sunday, April 24, 2011

How to Run Applications Developed for iPad on Your Jailbroken iPhone

iSmoothproject, user, Apple has developed a script allowing you to run applications on an iPhone iPad legally purchased and also transfer them to your iPhone wirelessly. The basic requirement to bring the end everything will be concerned that the iPhone is jailbroken, since the file. App requesting to be transferred via SFTP, then, that OpenSSH is installed on your device.

It is not, in fact, a completely new procedure, because, back in May of last year ModMyI published a method similar to this that we will only explain that, unlike the new one, this was entirely manual. All that was going on with this method was to change the permissions of the application that wanted to bring the iPhone to 755.Then you had to move the '. App in / Applications folder and run a respring.

If you do not want to do this, be guided by the points listed below:
1. ITelePad2Pod download here .
2. Unzip
3. Move the folder iTelePad2Pod in the / Applications folder on your Mac
4. Go to the folder moved iTelePad2Pod (/ Applicazioni/iTelePad2Pod) and expand the application iTelePad2Pod. (/ Applicazioni/iTelePad2Pod/
5. Follow the instructions within the application, seeking help even from the video above


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