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Sunday, April 24, 2011

Instruction To Change Region Of PlayStation 3.

Blu-ray Disc
One of the most irritating things about Sony’s PlayStation 3 is that despite the many hacks and custom firmwares available, the region-locked Blu-ray drive had yet to be opened up. Now though one forum-goer has managed to rectify that.

In a forum post on PS3News, a user has posted three files that, once plugged into the LV2 Patcher will unlock the PS3′s Blu-ray drive for user with discs from any region.

Ever since the first PS3 JailBreak was out i was hoping for a region patcher so I can watch all the blu ray discs i own no matter if region a/b/c and nobody ever knew how… after lots of research and checking around i present to you 3 patch*.txt files for lv2 patcher!
Download: PS3 Blu-ray Region Patches and LV2 Patcher
just copy the files into: /dev_hdd0/game/LV2000000/USRDIR
and the next time you start lv2 patcher you will have 3 new patches to choose from (region a/b/c)
once you patch you don’t have to restart your ps3, it works right away! if you restart your ps3 the bd region is set to standard again.
tested & working for me on pal cechcxx machine with 3.55cfw (rebug & kmeaw) using kmeaw’s lv2 patcher v9!

The files needed can be downloaded straight from PS3News here.


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