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Monday, February 28, 2011

Dev Team Confirms iOS 4.3 Baseband 04.10.01 Vulnerable for iPhone 4 Unlock

The latest tweet of MuscleNerd confirms baseband commands in iOS 4.3 Beta 3, baseband 04.10.01 which are vulnerable. The team is currently hard at work on trying to invoke them to unlock iPhone 4 on iOS 4.3.
Current i4 unlock goal includes til 04.10.01 (4.3b3). Very weird situation…vuln cmds are there, trying to invoke them!
Yesterday, the iPhone Baseband hacker Sherif Hashim provided an update of sorts, on the upcoming Ultrasn0w unlock for iPhone 4. According to him, the baseband crash which he found is confirmed to be working on both the new basebands, that is: 3.10.01 and 2.10.04.

Apple is expected to release iOS 4.3 to public on Wednesday, March 2, at the iPad 2G event. Though don’t expect the Ultrasn0w update to drop right after iOS 4.3 is public. iPhone Dev Team will require at least a couple of weeks for all the standard testing on the final iOS 4.3 code before releasing the updated Ultrasn0w unlock to public.

We will have more on it as soon as we get more information on this. Stay tuned for that!

"iTunes Alternative for Jailbreakers" GOOD NEWS from Dev Team

Dev Team is working on an iTunes replacement for the jailbreak community.
While it does seem too good to be true, there is a definite chance that jailbreakers will have their own iTunes-like app that works specifically for jailbroken iDevices. A famous jailbreak developer has raised speculation that the Dev Team is in fact working on an alternative for iTunes.
Joshua Hill, or P0sixninja, is a member of the Dev Team and a prominent figure in the jailbreak community. A series of tweets between he and Nick Hoggan reveal that the Dev Team is in early development for their very own iTunes replacement.
Nick asked P0sixninja if the Dev Team was working on an iTunes alternative, and P0sixninja responded with a simple, “yes, soon.”
Nick then responded to P0sixninja’s tweet with a question about the projected release of an iTunes replacement. P0sixninja said that the project is under, “heavy development.”
Much credits to iPhone Dev Team for this Development..
Stay Tuned ............................

White iPad 2 Digitizer Leaked

9to5Mac have reportedly received pictures of a white iPad 2 digitizer from folks at the iFixYouri iPhone repair shop. The picture clearly shows a camera hole for FaceTime video calling support.
iPad 2 is expected to be powered by one of Qualcomm’s multimode chips and will support both GSM and CDMA-based networks. Much thinner than iPad1 with an improved display, front-facing camera for facetime video chat support.

YoutubeToMP3 For iPhone Converts YouTube Videos Into MP3 Audio [Jailbreak App]

It’s a new Cydia tweak, called, YoutubeToMp3.You can convert and download your favorite Youtube music videos right to your iPhone or iPod touch and it has been saved as a high quality MP3 files.It saves as a high quality Mp3 file. You can play the Mp3′s within the app or send it to your PC or Mac via eMail.

As all other Cydia tweaks, the YoutubeToMp3 Cydia tweak also requires jailbroken iOS devices to run on.You can watch the YoutubeToMp3 Cydia tweak in action from the video embedded above.
YoutubeToMp3 is available in Cydia via BigBoss repo.

‘MobileNotifier’ Brings changes on Push Notifications to Your iDevices

MobileNotifier is by far one of the best alternatives to Apple’s cumbersome way of handling push notifications…
What I hate most about iOS’ stock push notification system is the fact that it pulls focus away from whatever app you’re currently engaged in. MobileNotifier avoids doing this, which automatically makes it superior to the native method.
Along with that, you can access a history of all of your notifications, and switch to them using fast app switching. It’s just like switching from one app to another using your app switcher.

Another nice thing is that receiving a notification gives you an option to address it now, or look at it later. You can always just keep the notification on screen and go about your business like nothing ever happened; that works too.
There’s even a nice lock screen reminder that you have alerts waiting in queue for those of you who like reminders.

Overall, MobileNotifier is the best jailbreak solution for push notifications. I’m sure push notifications are on top of Apple’s list of things to fix (hopefully), but until then, MobileNotifier makes a good substitute.
Want to try MobileNotifier? If you have a jailbroken iPhone, add this source to Cydia: and download it today; it’s free.

DropPho: Transfer photo To the cloud as soon as you snap the shutter

DropPhox for iPhone lets you upload photos & Videos taken with iPhone camera to your Dropboxaccount as soon as the shutter snaps. DropPhox eliminates the need to synchronize your iPhone photos & Videos with your computer and automatically saves them in the cloud.

DropPhox Description

DropPhox sends your photos to the Cloud (Dropbox) as soon as you snap your camera’s shutter. Enjoy the merits of effortlessly skipping local saving (to iPhone photo album) in preference of saving to the cloud.
  • Eliminates the need to synchronize your iPhone’s photo files with your home PC.
  • Share photos with multiple people in real-time by saving to a shared folder.
  • Rest assured that even if you lose your iPhone, your photo data will always be safe in the cloud.

Download DropPhox

You can purchase and download DropPhox ($1.99)  for iPhone 4, iPhone 3GS, and iPod touch 4G from the iTunes App Store. [iTunes Link]
Note: iOS 4.1 or higher is required.
You'll need to register a Dropbox account (Free) to use this application

Tiny Wings: Is coming on iOS To beat The Angry Birds.

Tiny Wings, by Andreas Illiger, is a wonderful little game that features simple gameplay and subtle charm. As the perfect impulse buy that will keep you coming back for more, Tiny Wings is one of the best games to hit the App Store since Angry Birds.
The Tiny Wings official description,
“You have always dreamed of flying – but your wings are tiny. Luckily the world is full of beatiful hills. Use the hills as jumps – slide down, flap your wings and fly! At least for a moment – until this annoying gravity brings you back down to earth. But the next hill is waiting for you already. Watch out for the night and fly as fast as you can. Otherwise flying will only be a dream once again.”
As you can tell, the premise behind Tiny Wings is very simple. You are a cute little bird with aerial navigation issues. You are trying to escape the darkness of night, but the hills in your way hinder your speed.
Gameplay requires only one finger, and (just like Angry Birds) the real beauty of Tiny Wings lies in the physics engine. The true skill of the game rests in timing. As you figure out how to time the launch of the bird’s flight attempts, you will get better and better at gameplay.
The colors and music in the game are splendid. Tiny Wings is one of those games that you won’t be able to put down. It’s easy to get lost in the design and kinetic motion of the game, and soon you’ll find that you’ve wasted 15 minutes trying to beat your last high score.
The game is easy to start playing for the first time, but also hard to master. Those two things equal quite the addictive game.

Tiny Wings is the perfect impulse buy. It’s available for $0.99 in the App Store.

Sunday, February 27, 2011

AirMusic Streams Music From Apple iDevices To PS3, Xbox 360 and Windows PC

AirMusic is here Priced at $0.99, AirMusic is a simple app that allows the streaming of music from your iDevice to a PS3, Xbox 360 or Windows Media Player. In fact, it’ll work with any DLNA enabled hardware.


In use, AirMusic is simplicity personified. Just fire up the app, power-on your receiving device and you’re pretty much done. From here the instructions depend on what you are trying to stream to. Xbox users will need to select the Music Library and then the device you’re streaming from. PS3 owners will choose the music icon on the cross media bar and then the streaming device. Other DLNA hardware will have its own process, but the idea behind DLNA is that it handles all the handshaking and protocols – it’s streaming made easy.

Download AirMusic for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch

Saturday, February 26, 2011

EveryAir Enables You To Play PlayStation 3 Games on iPhone, iPad and iPod touch

Today’s little gem is everyAir, developed by Pandaelf.
PS3 Games on PS3

More than just another VNC client/server app, everyAir already does more than just allow the remote control of your Mac or Windows PC from an iPhone, iPod touch or iPad. The beauty here is the app’s ability to allow the user to control what’s happening on-screen using gestures directly from the iDevice. That means gaming works flawlessly. 

That’s impressive in itself. What really blows our minds though is the way the same app has now been tweaked to play PS3 games. That’s right, full-blown PS3 games right on your mobile device. Intrigued? So were we!

According to the guys at Pandaelf, it’s possible to hook a PS3 up to a computer and, with the help of a few off-the-shelf accessories turn your iPhone, iPad and iPod touch into a portable PlayStation (did I just say Sony NGP?). By possible, we mean it’s been done.

Now this takes everyAir to a whole new level. Butting right up against OnLive, the ability to play your own PS3 (and soon, Xbox 360) games from just about anywhere shows just what can be achieved with the iOS SDK, a group of very clever people and a will to push the envelope.

However this new version of everyAir with the ability to play PS3 games isn’t available to public yet. The developer though plans to release a fully customizable version at some point in the future.

“We built your PS3. We built this world” Geohot Woes.

 Geohot is sending stern message to Sony that without hackers like him and graf_chokolo, the world would never have survived and even added – “We built your PS3. We built this world”. George Hotz was compelled to say so, after the German police raided graf_chokolo’s home and seized all his computers. He was then sued by Sony for one million euros.

As many of you already know, 2 days ago his house was raided by the German police. Talk about a guy who clearly had no involvement at all with piracy, cheating, or the things Sony claims to care about. Do you want to know what he has that enrages the suits at Sony so much? Talent.
Some people call me immature, and you know what, they are probably right. Some call me stubborn, and they are right too. But this pales grossly in comparison to Sony, who is so butthurt over the PS3 being hacked they they are blinded by rage and incompetence.
A question, how many people do you think knew or cared on January 10 about all this? Maybe a couple hundred thousand? Under a percent of your market share. And these are geeks, who frankly aren’t going to change their content purchasing habits based on the news. These are the kind of people who really are hacking their PS3 just for the sake of doing it, just cause it’s cool. The kind of people who are telling you the truth when they say they really did just hack their PS3 to run Linux. Or they are diehard pirates who never would have bought the games anyway, you know the type.
Now fast forward to February 25. Consistently, the top Sony related news article is about the PS3 being hacked. And the causal gamer comes along and sees, oh cool, the PS3 has been hacked, now I don’t have to buy games. With a few google searches, they come across stuff that I or graf_chokolo had nothing at all to do with. They install it and hit the torrent sites. Hell, I was on a political news show last night, you think those people ever would have heard about this?
Just imagine what the third party devs are thinking. The PS3 is hacked forever and Sony can’t do anything but fire away at scapegoats. Great confidence boost.
This grand show against people who aren’t even pirates has to be one of the worst corporate moves in recent history, perhaps even as dumb as the rootkit fiasco. Your competition fixes the problem technically and moves on. They want it to stay quiet. And as far as sending a message to “evil” hackers goes, it really isn’t working. Just read the writings of graf_chokolo.
And I quote “SONY wants about 750.000 euros from me if i don’t cooperate They don’t know me at all I don’t care about it and they might double it The higher is the sum the higher gets my motivation They don’t understand what makes me tick. Money and even my life doesn’t mean to me very much without knowledge. I have a scientific mind and the knowledge is food to my brain.”
They’ll never understand people like us. They are scared, as they rightfully should be. We built your PS3. We built this world. We are not mindless consumers. It is us with the brains and curiosity, not you with the guns, jails, suits, titles, and dollars. And the truth is, if all of you disappeared tomorrow, the world would continue on fine. Good luck surviving without people like graf_chokolo.
Via – Geohot Blog

MobileMe Available for 60-Day Free Trial

Expanding on our recent story, Apple appears closer to making its MobileMe service free. Users can no longer pay for the service on the Apple MobileMe website.
When visiting the MobileMe page online, visitors are encouraged to sign up for a 60-day free trial.
It should be noted the words “$99/year 
(After free trial)” remain on the site.
Meanwhile, we’ve gotten our first look at MobileMe as an online only product, and not one sold through retail locations as a “boxed” product.
This screenshot of an internal Apple systems page comes to us courtesy of 9 To 5 Mac:
Don’t be surprised if MobileMe becomes free very soon.

Disables the Flash Effect When Taking a Screenshot with ‘No Screenshot Flash’

Annoyed by that flash effect that happens every time you take a screenshot? Apparently you’re not alone.
No Screenshot Flash is a tweak that performs the exact duties that its name implies.
Don’t get me wrong, I like the fact that you can pretty much customize every facet of your iPhone, but is such a simple tweak even worth your time? Does it improve the user experience in any way?

Honestly, in my opinion this tweak does more harm that good, because without the screenshot flash, it’s harder to tell if your iPhone actually captured the desired screenshot.
Sure, you can still rely on the audible snapshot tone that happens every time you take a screenshot, but what if you have your phone in silent mode?
That’s where you immediately begin to realize just how handy the screenshot flash is.
There have been a number of instances where I needed to take a screenshot of something important, and it took two or more tries for the screenshot to register.
Without the flash, it’s very likely that you could miss an important screenshot if you have your phone in silent mode. To me, that’s just not worth the risk.

If you have a jailbroken iPhone and want to give it a try, No Screenshot Flash can be downloaded for free on Cydia

"Leaked Panel" for iPhone 5 suggests bigger, edge to edge and thinner display ?

Ladies and gentlemen, it seems that’s it’s very likely that the iPhone 5 will be bigger, faster, stronger.
Right on the heels of rumors that the iPhone 5 will feature a bigger screen, what appears to be the digitizer for Apple’s next generation phone has leaked into the wild.
The leaked part showcases what is obviously a slimmed down bezel that would allow for increased screen size. Earlier rumors suggested that the screen size would increase by half-an-inch to 4 inches, and this new leaked part certainly lends evidence to that…
Like clockwork, the part appeared on a website for Chinese reseller iDeals China. It’s easy to see from the leaked photo that the bezel has been reduced significantly, especially on the sides of the phone. The top bezel has also been reduced.
While many worry that the increased screen size means added bulk, that’s not necessarily true. The iPhone 4′s bezel is so large that a reduction could mean a bigger screen while maintaining the physical size of the device. Case in point, check out our measurements below of the iPhone 4:
That’s not to say that the physical size won’t be a bit bigger, but I wouldn’t expect a huge jump in size just because the screen was bumped up half-an-inch.
Among the major changes to the size of the device comes rumors that the next iPhone will also pack 4G capabilities, built in SIM cards, and an upgraded processor; possibly the A5 chip that the iPad 2 is supposedly packing.

It's Confirmed by Sherif that "Ultrasn0w Will Unlock iPhone 4 Baseband 02.10.04 & 03.10.01"

Just a quick heads-up for all those who are impatiently waiting for iPhone 4 unlock on latestbasebands 02.10.04 and 03.10.01. iPhone baseband hacker Sherif Hashim is confirming that the exploit identified by him is working flawlessly to unlock both the basebands. The statement might end long standing rumor, that iPhone Dev Team does not have iPhone 4 unlock.
@sherif_hashim Hi Sherif, I dont wanna ask about an ETA but I just wanna know if uve found an exploit for bb 03.10.01 or not, w8ng patiently
@VaMpYrE7 the one I found is working for both Via Twitter
Veeence has already confirmed earlier that unlock for iPhone 4 will not be released immediately after the iOS 4.3 release, but will take around two weeks for prime-time availability. Most likely the iPhone Dev Team will work further to identify any possibility to unlock the device on upcoming baseband 04.11.02. However, Sherif is confident that his new exploit will unlock iOS 4.3 baseband too. When asked by one of the twitter user, heconfirmed that it should unlock the device on the newest baseband as well!
@sherif_hashim Answer to my question/understand if you can’t…if you release unlock for i4 device it will unlock a newer baseband as well?)
@Ar9entym yeah it should, and the release will be thru the dev team not me personally :)
We already know, iOS 4.3 will come along with iPad 2, so we may expect unlock to arrive by 15th March. We are sure, iPhone Dev Team will keep their promised date.

@ Engadget Awards iPhone 4 Wins Phone of the Year, Kinect Peripheral of the Year, and iPad Gadget of the Year

Engadget has announced winners of the 2010 Engadget Editor’s Choice Awards.

Apple iPad wins “Gadget of the Year” award, 

Apple iPhone 4 is awarded as “Phone of the Year”,

Apple iPod touch wins best “Portable Media Device” award 

and Microsoft’s Kinect wins both “Game Accessory of the Year” and “Peripheral of the Year” award.

Kinect Review Kinect SportsKinect Review Hardware

Friday, February 25, 2011

NoVoiceMail Nixes Your iPhone’s Voicemail Button

Who in their right mind would want to get rid of their voicemail button? Apparently, at least a few people, that’s who.

That’s because a new jailbreak tweak recently showed up on the Cydia store entitledNoVoiceMail, and I’m betting some of you have already downloaded it.
What a perfect tweak for those of you who never check their voicemail, for those of you who never return Auntie May’s repeated phone calls…

NoVoiceMail is about as simple as it gets. Once you install it, voila; the voicemail button in your just got awfully good at playing hide and seek.
And that’s pretty much the full gist of it. The downside of this tweak is that it effectively eliminates your visual voicemail capabilities if your phone provider offers such a feature.
The only way to check your voicemail with NoVoiceMail installed is to go the old route of dialing your own phone number, entering your passcode, etc.
Although that can be pretty annoying in itself, chances are if you’re willing to install NoVoiceMail, you’re probably not too concerned with checking it anyway.

NoVoiceMail can be downloaded for free on Cydia

Keeps Your iPhone Apps Secure with ‘Undeletable Apps’

Who would dare place a highly configured iPhone into the hands of a 5 year old? You’re liable to come back and see half of your apps deleted.

But if you had Undeletable Apps — A jailbreak tweak for the iPhone — you’d be able to rest easy knowing that your apps were there to stay.
That’s because Undeletable Apps prevents you from deleting your apps, even when in jiggle mode. How does it do this? Check inside for the full lowdown.

This is a simple jailbreak tweak with a magnificent outcome. Basically, Undeletable Apps removes the ‘x’ icon from your apps when they are in jiggle mode, protecting them from deletion.
Since jailbreak apps and stock iPhone apps like the clock and weather can’t be deleted anyway, this only applies to apps you purchased in the App Store.
The only entities that aren’t protected by this tweak are Safari shortcuts; those can still be deleted regardless as you can see in the screenshot above.

If there’s one thing I wish this app had, it would be a settings section to pick and choose which apps you wanted to protect. Almost like designating a franchise player on your favorite football team.
Other than that, there’s not much else to complain about here, especially since this tweak is free for jailbroken iPhones on the Cydia store.

WaitingRoom App To Encourage Your Crush To Break Up On Facebook

For three days this week, victims of unrequited love were able to effortlessly track their crushes’ Facebook relationship statuses using the Breakup Notifier Facebook app that launched Monday. On Wednesday, however, the social network shut down the app — but not before it had acquired about 3 million users.
Now Facebook app WaitingRoom wants to offer those former Breakup Notifier users an upgrade in stalking efficiency. Not only will the Facebook app notify you when the person you’re pining after relieves himself or herself from a relationship, but it will also help you anonymously encourage that breakup.
Here’s how it works: When you indicate interest in an unavailable Facebook friend, that person gets an e-mail notification that there is someone in his or her “WaitingRoom” (this person need not have the app installed at this point). The identity of the admirer isn’t revealed until the recipient has changed his or her Facebook status to single.
“If you’re already in a relationship,” the app’s site says, “WaitingRoom will give you the confidence to become single again — if that’s what you really want.”
In order to avoid getting people in the waiting room beat up by significant others, nothing regarding the app gets posted publicly. Because they must publicly switch their statuses to single for 48 hours before identities are revealed, recipients theoretically can’t cheat by changing their status just to see who is waiting for them.
Is this a healthy, mature way to deal with wishing a friend were single? Probably not. Is it a good idea to pursue someone who needs a potential fling waiting before they have “the confidence to become single again”? Not particularly. Is this most likely to be leveraged by creeps? You get where this is going …
But unlike the Breakup Notifier in its current state, WaitingRoom does work — at least in the operational sense.

Mac OS X 10.7 Lion is now available on Torrent Sites

As soon as Apple released an early version of Mac OS X 10.7 Lion to developers it was only a matter of time, and now the disk image is being shared by a good few thousand users on various Torrent sites.

It took a few hours, but you can now find Lion on all the usual Torrent sites after a quick search. The question is, just how safe is it to download? We’re thinking the answer is probably ‘not very’.
As 9to5Mac points out, an installed version of Lion will ‘phone home’ to Apple with no telling whether the Cupertino outfit will seek to block users not already registered as a developer. The other issue worth remembering is there is no guarantee updates will be readily available, which consider the nature of Lion, updating is one thing we expect to happen fairly regularly. For the cost of $99 for a developer account, is it really worth all the hassle?


Apple’s New Thunderbolt Technology is coming to the iPhone

Apple recently introduced a new connection technology dubbed “Thunderbolt.” In Apple’sMacBook Pro refresh, the Thunderbolt port has been added as a new wired connection architecture that Apple hopes will unify its connection technologies.
The key feature for the Thunderbolt architecture is speed. Thunderbolt promises to be lighting fast (pardon the pun) and offer incredible speeds for data transfers. The need for Thunderbolt is evident for the desktop, but it’s not a stretch to imagine that Thunderbolt could eventually make its way to iOS devices.
Macworld explains Thunderbolt,
“Thunderbolt (previously called Light Peak) is a new peripheral-connection technology, developed by Intel with collaboration from Apple, that combines data, video, audio, and power in a single connection. Based on the PCI Express and DisplayPort architectures, Thunderbolt allows for high-speed connection of peripherals such as hard drives, RAID arrays, video-capture solutions, and network interfaces, and it can transmit high-definition video using the DisplayPort protocol. Each Thunderbolt port also provides up to 10 Watts of power to connected peripherals.”
Thunderbolt offers a lot of speed and efficiency enhancements for those involved in production and media. Photographers, videographers, or any other type of data-reliant professionals will be able to increase their productivity with the speed and ease-of-use that Thunderbolt offers.
Rumors are that Apple will eventually use MagSafe as the replacement for the classic 30-pin connector that iDevices use now. With the introduction of Thunderbolt, Apple could eventually replace the 30 pin connector with a Thunderbolt port on the iPhone.
Thunderbolt is not designed to compete with USB 3.0, and it makes sense that Apple would want their proprietary connection architecture to run on all iOS devices.
Macworld speculates further on the possibility of Thunderbolt coming to iOS,
“As noted above, Thunderbolt relies on PCI Express, the architecture that underpins Macs and most PCs. But iOS devices don’t use a PCI Express architecture, which would presumably make it difficult to simply stick a Thunderbolt port on an iPhone. Plus the dock-connector port on iOS devices provides quite a bit of additional functionality—it’s got 30 connection pins for a reason, after all. Finally, it’s not clear what benefits Thunderbolt would provide that the dock-connector port is missing. We suspect it’s far more likely that Apple will eventually sell an optional Thunderbolt-to-dock-connector cable for charging and syncing.”
theAppleBlog believes there is a good chance Thunderbolt will become the iDevice standard,
“A Thunderbolt connector makes a lot of sense for Apple’s iOS devices, since it would mean syncing even large libraries could happen in a few seconds instead of over many minutes. Thunderbolt also supports video and audio out, making it the ideal all-purpose A/V connector. A Thunderbolt connection would even provide Apple with an excuse for further delaying the introduction of wireless sync capabilities for iOS devices. It does require a small Intel controller chip to manage traffic, but that doesn’t necessarily preclude its use in Apple mobile products.”
So, essentially, a Thunderbolt connector on the iPhone would mean super fast syncs with iTunes. An all-in-one A/V connector is also an appealing thought for the iPhone and iPad. You can read up more about Thunderbolt on Apple’s official Thunderbolt page.
Whether it’s MagSafe or Thunderbolt, Apple is certainly working on faster and more efficient connection technologies for the iPhone. That’s good news