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Sunday, July 31, 2011

iPhone Reads Hands

"Reading the hand" is a free application that, in a few steps, provides some information on palmistry.

By answering a few questions, in fact, the application is able to provide a user card with virtue, character and personality based on the reading of the hand.

Nice app, which provides little information, but which is really nice to use with friends.

Download Available for free.

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Google+ Hangouts Now Lets Up To 10 Users Watch YouTube Live Streaming Together.

YouTube and Google+, are two Google properties, it shouldn’t come as a surprise that both should be integrated as closely as possible to one another. +Hangouts, Google+’s group video chat feature, has since its inception allowed YouTube video to be played back within video conversations allowing all participants to view the same video simultaneously. It now seems that support for YouTube Live, YouTube’s live streaming service, is being added to +Hangouts, allowing live events to be played back in real time as well.
As of now, playing live streams isn’t as obvious as one would think, but the process will allegedly be streamlined sooner rather than later in Google+. Until then, you’d have your fair share of guessing to do, but thankfully users have already figured out how to playback these live streams in no time:

Saturday, July 30, 2011

External Keyboard - Use your iPhone as a keyboard for iPad

Readers who gave iOS 5’s Beta versions a try on their iPad will know that it allows users to split their keyboard into two parts for more comfortable typing, yet, if you still have issues with that because of the larger screen, you can always use your iPhone as a keyboard. How so? With a new app called External Keyboard for iOS devices.

The app works by connecting a user’s iPhone/iPod touch to their iPad. This connection is formed over Bluetooth or Wi-Fi. The greatest advantage that this app provides is how the many languages available only on the iPhone/iPod like Greek, Arabic, Portuguese etc. can be used on the iPad.

It’s a universal app, so in order to get it working you will obviously need to install it on your iPad as well as your iPhone.

90 second iTunes previews available worldwide

Only nine months after this feature was made available to American consumers, Apple has finally allowed international iTunes customers to experience this feature.

Previously, iTunes customers in other countries were only allowed thirty second song previews, and now this has increased three-fold.

90 second song previews are quite convenient, but nine months was a little overdue, don’t you think, Apple?

(via 9to5Mac)

AirVox: Create music with your iPhone with gestures and hand movements

AirVox is a unique musical instrument and accurately controlled without touching the screen, it is able to create music with simple gestures and hand movements. You can interact with the front camera AirVox via your iPhone.

AirVox is based on real-time technology of artificial vision, able to "see" the movements of the hands and turn them into musical notes and tones. Musical experience is not required to control the application: its ease of use and the many integrated features allow you to create music while having fun. AirVox is a precision instrument. Here's a demo video that explains the features of AirVox.

You can Buy AirVox at the App Store for € 2.39 by following this link .

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How To Enable Video Mirroring on iPhone 4 and iPod touch 4G

While the iPad 2 comes with out-of-the-box support for video mirroring over HDMI or VGA, the iPhone 4 and iPod touch 4G don’t. The interesting thing is that it has been proven that video mirroring works with the latter devices; maybe not as well as the iPad 2 but the fact is, they work and Apple purposefully has left out this functionality. We’re going to get that functionality back on the iPhone 4 and iPod touch 4G today; follow our guide after the break!

Google's New Search Experience For Tablets

Google Search is Google’s oldest service, and perhaps the one the company is the most well-known for. While it still holds the highest market share in the US and most parts of the world, the Mountain View company announced today quite a few enhancements to make the service work better on tablets.

As Google pointed out in a post on its mobile blog, this update is centered around making the content more prominent and letting it take up a larger portion of the screen, while simplifying what’s secondary, such as search tools:

We’ve simplified the layout of search results pages and increased the size of page contents like text, buttons and other touch targets to make it faster and easier to browse and interact with search results in portrait or landscape view.

Friday, July 29, 2011

NFC Payment to Your iPhone 4

If you’ve used an Android-powered Nexus S for an extended period of time, you should probably be aware of its outstanding support for NFC payments, allowing users to simply tap their phones on modern credit card terminals in order to purchase goods. It now turns out that you can embed NFC chips into any iPhone 4 rather easily, as long as your bank provides small credit cards with NFC chips.

This procedure involves modifying the phone’s hardware, which can be out of reach for most users since any misstep could cause irreversible damage. Since applying this modification will almost definitely void your warranty, you should keep in mind those risks before you actually proceed to embedding your NFC chip.

iTunes 11 To Get A UI Overhaul Along With Deeper iCloud Integration [REPORT

As reported by various American blogs, Apple is working on a new version of iTunes that would be launched in September, along with the new iPhone and iPhone OS 5.

iTunes 11 would be a completely different program than the current one and restructured, rewritten from scratch, with a better interface and seamless integration with the functions icloud.

Gizmodo: the iPhone 5 will be available in late September

According to Gizmodo , one of the most important publications in the technology world, the Apple iPhone will be launched by five at the end of September. The information comes directly from an employee of AT & T, old mobile operator in the United States.

Here is the report sent by the reader of Gizmodo to editors:

From: ************
Date: Friday, July 29, 2011 at 12:27 PM
Subject: Release date of iPhone 5

I am an employee of AT & T and my boss has just informed us that the holiday period will be denied to anyone who requests it at the end of September due to a "blackout event." In the past the only time you have behaved in this way was just before the release of an iPhone. We therefore believe that the release will take place during the last two weeks of September.


In this case it's news to be taken with the tongs as anyone could send a message to any blog or website declaring himself as an employee of AT & T. However, this report seems to coincide with earlier published rumors in recent months.

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Download Skyfire VideoQ For iPhone And iPad

One of the most talked-about shortcomings of the iPad and iPhone is their inability to use Adobe Flash to play video and many of Apple’s competitors have pushed Flash compatibility as a key selling point. But now a new app called Skyfire VideoQ can converts Flash video into an HTML5 format that can be played using any iOS browser. Skyfire VideoQ lets users view flash videos from any iOS browser including Safari and available for iPhone and iPad users through the App Store for $1.99…………..

One of the major knocks against Apple’s iPhone and iPad devices is that their operating systems would not support playback of video in Adobe‘s popular Flash format, but now the makers of the Skyfire mobile browser released an app that will give these devices that much-desired functionality. While such a move has contributed to the transition to web standards away from proprietary plugins, many would still love to watch Flash video from within iOS. There’s now yet another way to go about it through a a new app known as Skyfire VideoQ. Long-time iOS users have likely heard of Skyfire, an alternate browser for Apple’s operating system that among many things allows Flash video playback from right within the browser, without the actual Flash add-on. This is achieved by decoding the Flash content on Skyfire’s own servers and then streaming it back to your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch in real time, effectively playing back much of the Flash content that’s available on the web rather effortlessly. Skyfire VideoQ is a completely separate application for those who want Flash playback without the need to install a whole different browser.

In order to play a file back through Skyfire VideoQ, users simply need to send a link to the desired video’s page from Safari or any other popular browser, by selecting the said link and choosing the Mail Link to this Page option and send it over to The desired video will then be converted on Skyfire’s servers and be available for playback on the VideoQ app within a few minutes. Videos from major sites can be played this way, including professional content sites such as Hulu, Comedy Central and more being constantly added every day. VideoQ also includes a Hot section for popular videos, as well as several categories known as channels featuring videos geared towards a specific subject, such as technology, sports and humor. In order to use Skyfire VideoQ, the user is first required to register with their e-mail address. The registration process itself is rather simple and takes no more than a few minutes. Some users might not feel comfortable with revealing their email addresses, but there’s nothing pointing to their illegitimate use on Skyfire’s part who are known for nothing more than developing really cool iOS apps. Expect video playback to be of somewhat low-quality since all videos are converted rather quickly up on Skyfire’s services.

Download Skyfire VideoQ from the iOS App Store today for $1.99.

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Apple Inc. has more money than U.S. government

Unbelievable: Apple is now richer than the government of the United States of America.

The news come from a report by Financial Times. The fruit company up in Cupertino – which produces a variety of consumer electronics such as the iPhone, iPod, iPad and Macs etc. and software, mostly intended for these gadgets – has cash reserves of $75.876 billion, as of July when Apple announced their quarterly earnings. The US government, on the other hand, has an operating balance of only $73.786 billion.

Apple, Inc. is, hence, $2 billion richer than the most powerful government in the world.

IEEE Approves 802.22 Standard (aka Super Wi-Fi), the iPhone could connect up to 100 km away

Just at this time, the IEEE, an organization that regulates all the WiFi standard, has officially published the specifications of the next WiFi standard 802.22.

The particularity of this new generation of WiFi is that all devices that will implement a WiFi router can connect up to 100 km, with a speed of 22Mbps.

A considerable step forward compared to current standard, already present in many Apple devices, WiFi 802.11n. Apple has always been attentive to the new world of WiFi and has always been implemented by the new standards on their devices, so things should not change with the new 802.22.

But we must point out that the publication of the specifications of the WiFi standard does not coincide with its actual implementation and could take up to 2 or 3 years before we can actually see an enhancement / device with this technology.

Today, however, the Super WiFi has taken the first step towards the future and in a few years we could connect WiFi with the iPhone even at work or anywhere in our city and beyond.

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Gmail For Android App v2.3.5 Updates

Gmail v2.3.5 for Android updates with label-specific ringtones and sync priority mail only options. So if you are a regular user of Gmail app for Android then you may know that Google’s Android platform is the best way to access it, and with v2.3.5 it gets even more better then before. Although the Android Market website is still showing version, you will get upgraded via the Market on our devices.

According to Engadget the top two new features this time around include the ability to sync only priority messages that helps to saving battery life and keeping unimportant messages at bay and the ability to individually set notifications and ringtones for any of the labels in your inbox. There is also new are features like remembering “Show Pictures” for specific senders, a toggle for sticky message actions in all orientations as well as improved overall performance and TalkBack screen reader support. Engadget also share the new features, check it out bellow.

What’s in this version:
1. Save bandwidth and battery by only syncing priority mail
2. Use label notifications to mash up filters, labels, and ringtones
3. Remember ‘Show Pictures’ for senders
4. Turn off sticky message actions in landscape or all orientations
5. Better TalkBack support for accessibility
6. Performance improvements

Download from Android Market

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Thursday, July 28, 2011

EA CEO: iOS is our Fastest Growing Platform

The current console generation is getting older by the minute. For example, Microsoft’s Xbox 360 was unveiled on May 12, 2005 — that’s over 6 years ago. Not only that, but other than Nintendo’s Wii U, there hasn’t been word of any upcoming console launches. What gives?

IndustryGamers helps shed some light on the topic with words from John Riccitello, Electronic Arts CEO, during a recent interview. The executive has been around the gaming industry since the 80′s, and believes that consoles now only make up 40% of the market…

Cable for serial port compatible with iPhone

How about a serial port connected to the iPhone? The younger readers have probably never had to use this type of door, but everyone else will remember the era pre-USB, practically alone, and made only serial ports to connect mice, keyboards and printers. Well, some people thought that the iPhone still needs this connection and has built a dock-to-serial cable for Apple iDevice.

Priced at $ 59 it is possible to buy this connector, the code name RS-232, which allows you to connect serial devices to the iPhone. At the moment, however, this accessory is not working with any application, so their creators invite all interested developers to create apps that integrate with this connector.

In this motion, with a specific app, we could restore luster to old devices with serial port ...

All information is available here.


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iFaith is updated to v.1.2.1 solving a very serious bug that caused DFU loop

In recent days several users have encountered a serious bug iFaith using the iH8sn0w tool that can extract and save the certificates SHSH firmware not signed by Apple. As you know these certificates are essential if you want to perform restore procedures or downgrade (for example, from iOS 5 to iOS 4 or later) on the Apple mobile devices.

The most serious problem present in iFaith, now fixed with version 1.2.1, related to the entry into DFU iOS devices when loops proceeded with the creation of a firmware (. ipsw file). It was therefore a very serious problem indeed as the only solution that would restore the device.

The new version of TinyUmbrella is out (version 5.00.77)

Saving your SHSH blobs is the single most important thing you can do to preserve your jailbreak. If you ever accidentally upgraded to a new version of iOS that hasn’t been jailbroken yet, saved SHSH blobs would help you downgrade.

The new version of TinyUmbrella is out (version 5.00.77), and not only does it allow you to save your SHSH blobs for the new 4.3.5 firmware, it also gives you the choice of whether or not to update your iPhone 4′s baseband…

The new feature will enable users to pick whether or not they want to update the iPhone 4′s baseband, allowing you to mix and match a new baseband with an older version of iOS. But the new option doesn’t come without a few warnings:

1. The version you WANT to restore to and the version Apple is currently signing must BOTH have the same baseband. This is important or else the baseband update will not work.

2. You need to realize that checking the box WILL UPDATE YOUR BASEBAND.

Notcom also comments that TinyUmbrella doesn’t save your Update iPhone 4 Baseband setting, so you need to make sure you are checking it every time you run TinyUmbrella. Obviously, if your iPhone is unlocked on an earlier baseband, you want to stay away from this feature.

Grab the latest version of TinyUmbrella by clicking here.

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Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Police arrest LulzSec hacker ‘Topiary’

The Metropolitan Police Service announced on Wednesday that it has arrested a 19-year old hacker suspected to be a member of both “Anonymous Operations” and “Lulz Security,” also known as “LulzSec.” The hacker, who went by the name Topiary, served as the publicist of both hacker groups and often posted press releases and statements on Twitter. His apartment in the Shetland Islands, Scotland is currently being searched and Topiary is on his way to a police station in London.

White Aluminum Keyboard Case Gives iPad 2 That MacBook Air Look

Let’s face it, most of us that own an iDevice, be it an iPad, iPhone or iPod touch are at least partially wooed by the cosmetics. Apple has a reputation of designing and bringing forth high quality products that sell well and look the part, as demonstrated by the recent iPad 2.

Accessories are a must for many users, but finding decent ones at a reasonable price can be a sometimes mammoth task. After spending enough to maintain a small army, Apple, along with many 3rd party suppliers such as Gear4 and Griffin charge a significant amount for accessories to protect and enhance the iExperience, and many of us take to the internet for our cases, screen protectors and speaker systems. China pumps out a lot of Apple related accessories through websites and other mediums such as eBay, but most of it tends to be, for lack of a better word - junk.

Every now and then though, along comes an eye opener, and M.I.C Gadget has certainly opened our eyes here at Redmond Pie with this bit of eye candy which gives your white iPad 2 that MacBook Air look:

It is far from perfect, but for a mere $50, the White Aluminum Buddy Case certainly makes for a tidy yet cheap desktop accessory. As well as being a Bluetooth keyboard, it also doubles up as a cover which has a magnet in it, enabling that smart cover effect of auto-sleep when the cover is on. And to top it all off, it gives you a slight MacBook Air-ish feel to it, with the exception of the backlit keyboard and pretty much everything regarding hardware. But hey, its as close as it can get for this price range.

Much like the previous black and white version we reported about earlier this month, you would certainly raise a few eyebrows in Starbucks with this unorthodox setup. Unlike its predecessor, this new white version will give the whole unit that signature Apple look. The guys over at MIC Gadget reckon that "girls will love" the all-white look. So hey, if you want to get girls, and you too believe that a cheap white keyboard is the solution, then give it a go.

As we have mentioned before though, while such products are interesting and make for an entertaining read, we strenuously suggest you purchase the proper products rather than opting for cheap unbranded ones such as the above. The keyboard you buy from the Apple Store is pricey for what it is, but you do get what you pay for – quality and warranty as is the case with most leading companies selling iAccessories. $50 Dollars seems cheap for such a product, but $50 becomes expensive when it breaks down or even worse, somehow causes your iPad 2 to break down. Perish the thought!

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QuickMP3 1.0-1 [Crack]

Easily get songs anywhere you want.

Ever wanted to get a song you just heard on the radio, but didn't want to leave your current app to find it? QuickMP3 makes it faster and easier to get songs no matter which app you are in. Simply assign it to any activator gesture and then search for the song you are looking for. You'll also be able to see the downloadprogress and queue multiple songs for downloading.
Notes: In order to use QuickMP3 you must agree to the QuickMP3 terms of use. Downloads are stored in /var/mobile/Library/Downloads/ and can be played in other apps such as iFile or copied to your computer. There are no icons installed, QuickMP3 can be configured using Activator in the Settings app (assign it to any gesture). Tested only on 4.2.1 (should work on other versions as well though).

Posted Image

Download 1.0-1 Cracked : Official

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Call Blocker: An Alternative To iBlacklist To Filter calls [Cydia]


One of the applications "historical" in Cydia that longtime users know very well is iBlackList program, which allows you to filter and block incoming calls and messages on the iPhone. IBlackList still represents one of the main reasons why many unlock your phone and proceed with the installation of Cydia. Today we talk about Call Blocker, a new application that is proposed as an alternative to iBlackList.

Call Blocker works much like iBlackList: first, after installation, the application will be launched on the iPhone to be configured and activated, then the user can insert in the appropriate fields the name and telephone number user you want to blacklist (the selection will be done quickly, even from your contacts list) and then press 'Save' to accept the changes and block incoming calls from that number.

Call Blocker The application also provides two other functions: the first is the one that will allow you to block incoming calls from all numbers - a kind of airplane mode, but then only valid for calls received - while the second will hide the rescue calls from the list in the phone.

It is therefore very interesting that an application, albeit with reduced functionality and minimal graphics, is proposed as an alternative to the more well known iBlackList.

You can buy Call Blocker from Cydia, the package is available within the repository ModMyi and has a cost of $ 0.99.

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Tuesday, July 26, 2011

FaceForward Tweak: Re-Enable And Install Facebook For iPad App

Yesterday we told you about the secret Facebook for iPad app that was hidden inside the current, iPhone-only app. A workaround was discovered that allowed anyone to enable the official Facebook for iPad application with a few quick steps.

Not too soon after Facebook for iPad got leaked, Facebook actually started blocking access to the hidden iPad app. Now, the jailbreak community has come to our rescue again, and we've got a new teak that will re-enable the secret Facebook app on a jailbroken iPad…

FaceForward by jailbreak developer Chpwn is now available in Cydia for those wishing to re-enable Facebook for iPad.

"Re-enable Facebook's iPad app. Facebook recently accidentally released their iPad app, but after TechCrunch posted about it, they quickly moved to disable access to Facebook from it. FaceForward removes that restriction, allowing you to use Facebook for iPad right now."

Once you've got a jailbroken iPad with the Facebook for iPhone app installed, head over to Cydia and install FaceForward for free from the BigBoss repo. You shouldn't have to tweak any settings or edit any files. FaceForward will simply enable Facebook for iPad!

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TagDisk: Download Youtube Videos

There are several ways to download Youtube videos and view them on iPhone without Internet connection, but now we want to tell you about a really simple and functional approach, however, requires the downloading of an application on the App Store.

Here are the steps to follow:

1. Download the application from the App Store TagDisk. The price is € 3.99 , but you can try the free lite version ( link ) that allows you to download up to 4 video.

2. Once installed, open TagDisk and click on Browser to launch the internal browser, then type the address

3. You are now on YouTube: the video look like and, once found, open it and then tap and hold on the video link to let the menu TagDisk. From this menu select "Download Link" and the video will be automatically downloaded on the iPhone

4. You can see the progress of the download in the "Downloads"

5. Once finished downloading, go to the tab "Disk" from there you can watch all the videos downloaded at any time without internet connection.

In addition to YouTube, Vimeo TagDisk works perfectly even.

Post from my iPad 2

UndeleteSMS: SMS Recovery on iPhone


You have deleted an important text message and want to get it back on your iPhone?UndeleteSMS is a tweak that is right for you!

This tweak will make it possible to scan the database of SMS and the index of Spotlight to find lost messages, and view the result in a new page. You can then copy the text of the message retrieved through the application of iOS Notes or in an email you can send itself to save and store the text in question.

Being an amateur program, the operation of UndeleteSMS is not secured with all the messages and in all situations. Tweak it analyzes the data related to SMS not yet overwritten. 

UndeleteSMS found in Cydia and you can download from the BigBoss repository at a price of $ 6.99.

Post from my iPad 2

Monday, July 25, 2011

Leaked Facebook iPad App Is Blocked


Well that didn't take long now, did it?

The much-anticipated and apparently leaked Facebook iPad app's life was short lived, with TechCrunch reporting that the social networking giant has already blocked use of the app, using the power of magic remotely.

If you didn't get your hacking done early, it seems you might have to wait for Zuckerberg and co to release the app officially.

The Facebook iPad app, which turned out to be hidden inside its iPhone counterpart all along, was just a info.plist file edit away— until now.

TechCrunch's MG Siegler broke the news that users could force the iPad version of Facebook's app to show itself with just a little text editing, and we show you how this morning. Unfortunately, TechCrunch is now saying that Facebook has halted all our fun, and they didn't even need to force an update to do it.

"We're hearing tons (as in hundreds) of reports that users who are just now getting around to checking out the trick are unable to do so. The iPad-friendly app still launches — you just can't do much, as newcomers are being turned away at the login screen."

The good news is that it appears users who have already followed the guide are still seeing good results, though the app has been acting up slightly— notifications and the like aren't working well, though that could just be a Facebook server issue.

Oh well, guess we'll just have to move over to Google+ instead.

Post from my iPad 2

Redsn0w 0.9.8b4 Tethered Jailbreak iOS 4.3.5

Apple has unexpectedly pushed out an incremental update for iOS 4.3.x, and it is dubbed as iOS 4.3.5. This minor release is no more than a security update, aiming to patch issues with certificate verification.

The good news is that we have tested it and can confirm that the current version of Redsn0w can jailbreak the just released iOS 4.3.5 on iPhone 4, 3GS, iPad 1, and iPod touch 4G/3G. But it will be limited to tethered boot, which means you will have to reconnect your device to your computer every time you reboot your iOS device. iPad 2 is obviously not supported. This has also been confirmed by MuscleNerd of iPhone Dev Team:

@zaone @m1ckey29 ah ok thanks for checking! So those who really do want tethered 4.3.5 can use redsn0w pointed at 4.3.4 (except iPad2)

4.3.5 Jailbreak[4]

Note: Those relying on a carrier unlock must stay away from Redsn0w.

How to Jailbreak iOS 4.3.5 (Tethered)

Step 1: Download iOS 4.3.5 and iOS 4.3.4 (required by this version of Redsn0w) firmware file for your device from the links given at the end.

Step 2: Download Redsn0w 0.9.8b4 for Windows or Mac. Also make sure you are running the latest version of iTunes, which is version 10.4.

Step 3: Now start Redsn0w, browse for the iOS 4.3.4 firmware file (NOT the 4.3.5) that you downloaded in Step 1 and point it towards Redsn0w. Refer to the screenshots below:

Step 4: Once Redsn0w is done recognizing the firmware file, click Next and there you'll be taken to a new window. Simply check the "Install Cydia" box as shown below and leave other options as it is for now. Once done, click Next.

Step 5: On this screen, Redsn0w will instruct you to power down your device and plug it in to your computer. Follow the onscreen instructions and then click Next to continue.

Step 6: On this screen you will have to put your device in DFU mode with a combination of the Power button and the Home button for a certain amount of time, simply follow the onscreen instructions on how to do so. The combination is usually like this:

  • Hold down Power button for 5 seconds.
  • Now without releasing the Power button, hold down the Home button simultaneously with the Power button for 10 seconds.
  • Let go of the Power button but keep on holding the Home button for another 15 seconds.

If you performed the above mentioned steps correctly, then your device should be in DFU mode.

Step 7: Redsn0w will now jailbreak your device, don't do anything weird at this point, just let Redsn0w finish. We would recommend that you don't do anything with your PC or Mac at all during the process. Sitting idle and waiting for the process to end on its own is much advised.

Since this is a tethered jailbreak, therefore whenever your iOS device loses power, it will go into the dreaded Apple logo boot screen loop. To get out of that, simply start from Step 3 again and in Step 4, uncheck "Install Cydia" and instead check "Just boot tethered right now" option and hit "Next" with your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch connected to your PC or Mac. And yes, you will have to do this every time when your device reboots or loses power.

That's it! You should now have a jailbroken iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch running iOS 4.3.5.

Download Redsn0w 0.9.8b4 for Windows 
Download Redsn0w 0.9.8b4 for Mac 

Post from my iPad 2

[Direct Links] Download iOS 4.3.5/4.2.10 Firmware

Apple released yet another small update of iOS for the iPhone, iPad and iPod touch to the general public, lLabeled iOS 4.3.5, it's here to resolve some additional security issues related to certificates and Apple has been very busy fixing security issues lately. All Apple hardware that can run iOS 4 is supported, except for the Verizon iPhone and you can grab the update by plugging your iOS device into iTunes and hitting the Check for Update button……………


Apple has just pushed out iOS 4.3.5/4.2.10 (CDMA Verizon iPhone 4), only 10 days after patching Comex's JailbreakMe 3.0 vulnerability with iOS 4.3.4 and the pdate is to apparently address a security issue with certificate validation. The update appears to be a minor one that fixes a vulnerability. You should be able to plug your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch into iTunes now to obtain the update. The update notice says that it Fixes a security vulnerability with certificate validation. The Verizon version of the iPhone 4 has also been updated, but continues its firmware fork by moving to iOS 4.2.10. This fork is expected to merge with the main version of iOS with the release of iOS 5 this September. Apple has provided further information about the vulnerability fixed on its support site:

Impact: An attacker with a privileged network position may capture or modify data in sessions protected by SSL/TLS

Description: A certificate chain validation issue existed in the handling of X.509 certificates. An attacker with a privileged network position may capture or modify data in sessions protected by SSL/TLS. Other attacks involving X.509 certificate validation may also be possible. This issue is addressed through improved validation of X.509 certificate chains.


Download links for iOS 4.3.5

Postt from my iPad 2

Official Facebook App For iPad is Out Now.

Folks! The Facebook for iPad app is real. It is actually hidden inside the recently updated Facebook for iPhone app. And here’s how you can install it on your own iPad right now.

Facebook recently pushed out version 3.4.4 for iPhone which according to official change log only fixed bugs and improved performance. But as uncovered by TechCrunch today, this new version of Facebook for iPhone app also has the code necessary to execute the soon-to-be-released official Facebook for iPad app.

Let’s get to the juicy bit now: here’s how to actually get the app working on your iPad…
How To Install Facebook For iPad App

Disclaimer: Follow the following steps at your own risk only. This guide is for testing & educational purposes only. Redmond Pie is not to be held responsible for any loss of important data or malfunctioning of your iPad.

You will, of course, need to have a jailbroken iPad for this to work.

Step 1: Download and install the Facebook for iPhone app on your iPad from the App Store. You can go ahead and download the latest version from the link embedded at the end.

Step 2: Install iFile on your iPad. Search for it on Cydia.

Step 3: Open iFile. Go to Applications > Facebook > You will find a file named “Info.plist” inside. Open it up and tap on Property List Viewer.

Step 4: Scroll down until you find the string of text UIDeviceFamily. Tap it.

Step 5: In the upper right corner of the screen, you will notice a ticket system. Its default setting is “1”. You must change this to “2”.

Step 6: Once you’ve changed the setting, go back to your home screen by pressing the Home button and then reboot your iPad.

That’s it! you’re done! Now when you run the Facebook app, it will start the new soon-be-released official Facebook for iPad app!

More images of the app, courtesy of TechCrunch:
photo-1-1 (1)

Download Facebook for iPhone [iTunes Link]

Sunday, July 24, 2011

Google Suspends iPhone Dev Team Member And Jailbreak Coder MuscleNerd’s Account On Google+

It appears Google may be getting a little angsty over the enforcement of its "real name" rule on Google+, with the search giant now having reportedly removed famous jailbreak hacker and Dev Team member, MuscleNerd (@) from the social network.


According to MyGreatiPhone, MuscleNerd's profile was removed due to him using a first and last name which are considered not his real birth names. Citing his own issues with the service, author "LVCIFER" notes that he too was kicked off the social network within 48-hours due to using the first name "LVCIFER" and the second name "™". We should note that it is considered unadvised to use the ™ trademark moniker without prior registration, although this was unlikely the reason for the temporary removal of the profile in this particular case.

The use of the trademark moniker aside, it appears Google wants every user account on the service to use real names for their profiles. The news follows the search giant enforcing that all Google+ profiles must be set to "public" before July 31 or those accounts which fail to comply with this may be pulled from the service.

In a post just a few weeks ago, jailbreak founder Jay Freeman (Saurik) highlighted his opinion on Google asking those using the service to use their real names instead of online "usernames".

In the last couple days, Google has taken to quite actively enforcing its "real name" rule, banning or suspending accounts (with many reports of users getting locked out of all of Google, as opposed to just +) with names that "look funny" (such as including symbols, "including period"), as well as actively suspending accounts of users who use non-real names.

For more information, I highly recommend readers read through some of the comments on a recent post by +Robert Scoble, where +Gowtham S, an "infrastructure engineer" at Google (and someone I simply am unable to mention correctly at this point in this post due to what seems like a stupid bug in Google+ involving people with non-unique names) responds with some details on what is being banned.

He continued:

Personally, I think this is ludicrous… Google's attempts to enforce what a name is don't even stand up to the test of multiple cultures, much less the test of an online pseudonymous world. +Gowtham S, even, was forced into the position of specifying a last name, something he does not actually have, and therefore falling back to an initial of his father's first name.

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Saturday, July 23, 2011

Jailbreak iOS 5 Beta 4 On iPhone 4, 3GS, iPad, iPod touch Using Redsn0w 0.9.8

The Dev Team has released a new version of Redsn0w 0.9.8, tool that allows you to jailbreak the iPhone OS 5 beta tethered. The fourth beta of this program is to add compatibility with the latest firmware 5.0 beta 4 released by Apple last night.

Recall that with the ' introduction of updates OTA (Over The Air) in IOS 5 beta 4, Apple has made ​​it impossible to update all users who have installed Cydia with Redsn0w.

Redsn0w 0.9.8b4 is available for both Windows and Mac can download the program from one of the following links course, choosing the version compatible with your operating system:


The operation of this new version of Redsn0w is exactly equal to that of the previous year.

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Friday, July 22, 2011

Apple’s full change log for iOS 5 beta 4

Wondering what's new in this build? Apple's full change log for iOS 5 beta 4 follows below.

The following issues relate to using the 5.0 SDK to develop code.


  • When creating an iCloud account you can use any Apple ID provided it is a full email address and not a MobileMe account. If you have a MobileMe account, you can copy data from that account to an iCloud account to use during testing. You can find more information on iCloud at:
  • When setting up an iCloud or MobileMe account using the setup assistant and leaving Find My iPhone on, it might actually turn Find my iPhone off after the setup. Please verify in Settings/Mail, Contacts, Calendar/YourAccount that Find my iPhone is toggled On after leaving the setup assistant.
  • It is recommended that you disable Bookmarks on multiple accounts. If they are enabled, the results might be undefined.
  • FIXED: In this beta the option of "Choosing a security question" is not working during an iCloud account setup.


  • Starting in iOS 5, video content in applications and websites are AirPlay-enabled by default.
  • iOS 5 supports AirPlay of video via AV Foundation.
  • Switching into AirPay Video while using mirroring will leave the screen black but the video is still playing.

Apple TV

  • Apple TV Software beta enables users to mirror the contents of an iPad 2 to an Apple TV (2nd generation) using AirPlay. This beta software also enables Photo Stream on Apple TV so users can access photos stored in iCloud. Apple TV Software beta is being provided to test the latest AirPlay functionality with your iOS 5 apps and web sites. If you wish to install Apple TV Software beta on your device, you must first register your device UDID in the iOS Developer Program Portal.
  • There is no new build for AppleTV for beta 4. Please continue using the build provided with beta 3.


  • Using voice chat in iOS 5 requires setting the kAudioSessionMode_VoiceChat mode on the Audio Session, or setting the AVAudioSessionModeVoiceChat mode on the AVAudioSession object.


  • All MobileMe calendars were duplicated after turning calendar syncing off and back on.
  • FIXED: Restoring from a Seed 1 backup or earlier will cause MobileMe/iCloud calendars not to sync. Subscribed calendars will show up in Calendars but none of your event calendars will appear in MobileCal. To workaround the problem please remove and re-add the account.
  • If SnowLeopard isn't syncing your calendars on iOS device and you created a calendar or reminders list using a previous iOS 5.0 seed, change the name of that calendar or list on the iOS device and then let it sync.
  • In this beta Birthday calendar is temporarily disabled for Web apps and Windows and will be available in a future release.


  • NEW:In MobileMe local contacts are deleted instead of be being merged.
  • In this beta Import/Export vCard is disabled from Action menu and will be available in future release.


  • Match data for turn based matches is currently limited to 4 KB of data.
  • When both Wifi and 3G are disabled (i.e. in Airplane mode) sometimes GameKit can cause the connection in a local Bluetooth match to fail.


  • iBooks 1.2.2 may fail to display some text or images in books. Please update to iBooks 1.3 in the App Store.

iCloud Backup

  • As this is beta software, it is recommended that you do not use the iCloud services to store any critical data or information. If you enable iCloud Backup, automatic backup with iTunes when syncing will be disabled. We suggest you also manually back up your device with iTunes. It is strongly advised you upgrade to this version of the iOS 5 beta in order to continue backing up your devices and preserve previous backups.

iCloud Storage

  • During the iOS 5 beta period, any documents stored on the servers might be purged periodically before GM. Therefore, it is highly recommended that you do not store any critical documents or information on the servers.
  • If your application is using the NSMetadataQuery class, you must set a predicate, even though the predicate itself is ignored.
  • The Foundation framework doesn't include the team ID when looking for an app's mobile documents container. The Team ID must be included at the beginning of the identifier string passed to theURLForUbiquityContainerIdentifier: method.
  • In this beta, the setSortDescriptors: method of NSMetadataQuery is not supported.
  • In this beta, if you want to use iCloud, you have to manually specify various container identifiers (your application's Display set) within an Entitlements file for both of your Mac OS X and iOS projects.
  • There are issues using the Cloud Storage document API in conjunction with protected data which can lead to data corruption.
  • In this beta, document-based applications cannot always detect when files change, move, or are deleted out from underneath them.
  • NEW: In this beta, file presenters (objects that adopt the NSFilePresenter protocol) do not receive some of the messages that they're supposed to receive, especially:
    • presentedItemDidChange
    • presentedSubitemDidAppearAtURL:
    • presentedSubitemDidChangeAtURL:

    You can workaround this by implementing the relinquishPresentedItemToWriter: method and checking to see if the writer actually wrote when your file presenter reacquires. You can also use FSEvents to observe file system changes

  • In this beta, messages about changes to files in a directory are not getting delivered to objects that adopt the NSFilePresenter protocol.
  • While reporting a bug related to the iCloud storage interfaces, please include the logs collected during your debugging session. To generate these logs, you must install a special debug profile on your device.The debug profile can be obtained from This profile enables the generation of debug logs that are needed to diagnose any problems using iCloud storage. The instructions to collect the logs are:
    1. Install the profile. (The easiest way to do this is to mail it to yourself and open the attachment on their device.)
    2. Reproduce the bug.
    3. Sync with iTunes to pull the logs off your device.
    4. Attach the logs to your bug report. You can find the logs in ~/Library/Logs/CrashReporter/MobileDevice/DeviceName/DiagnosticLogs.

    These logs can grow large very quickly, so you should remove the profile after you have reproduced the problem and pulled the logs for the bug report.

  • NEW: File names in iCloud Storage are case sensitive.


  • NEW: iMessage beta 1 will be unable to communicate with iMessage users on beta 2 or later.


  • The version of iTunes that comes with beta 4 cannot sync devices that have the beta 2 software installed. To avoid this problem, do the following:
    1. Sync any devices that have beta 3 installed to the version of iTunes that came with beta 4.
    2. Upgrade iTunes to the version that comes with beta 4.
    3. Connect the device and install the beta 4 software. (Understand that you might see a failure to sync error when you first connect the device.)
    4. After installing the beta 4 software, restore from your the backup you made in step 1.
  • Videos purchased from the iTunes Store do not play on a 2nd generation AppleTV over AirPlay with iTunes 10.5.


  • NEW:The startMonitoringSignificantLocationChanges method of CLLocationManagerdoes not cause applications to be resumed or launched in the background for significant location change updates. However, if a backup from a previous software version (where an application was monitoring significant location changes) is restored to the device, significant location change monitoring will continue to cause that application to be resumed or launched in the background.


  • NEW:Forwarding a message with attachments included does not attach the file and the message compose screen does not change from "Loading…."

Music Library

  • NEW:Some songs are missing their album artwork after changing the device library via syncing.


  • NEW: In iOS 5.0 beta 4, several OpenGL extensions have been moved from the APPLE namespace to the EXT namespace, causing some API to be renamed. The altered extensions are EXT_color_buffer_half_float,EXT_occlusion_query_booleanEXT_separate_shader_objectsEXT_shadow_samplersEXT_texture_rgEXT_debug_label, and EXT_debug_marker.

OTA Software Update

  • NEW: If you are doing a OTA software update from beta 3 to beta 4, you will need to re-sync your photos with iTunes."

Personal HotSpot

  • NEW:In this beta iPhone 4 device cannot join personal hotspot even if it is on due to a non functional WiFi tethering on these devices.

Photo Adjustments

  • If you apply red-eye adjustments in iOS, and import your image into the iPhoto seed build, the red-eye adjustments will not appear on that image in iPhoto. As a result, subsequent syncing of your image back to the iOS device from iPhoto will not show the red-eye adjustments.


  • FIXED: In this beta FaceTime icon is missing in Settings on the iPhones.


  • NEW: Location services are not functional in iOS 4.3 simulator running on Mac OS 10.7 with Xcode 4.2.


  • Push and local notifications for apps appear in the new Notification Center in iOS 5. Notification Center displays notifications that are considered "unread." In order to accommodate push and local notifications that have no "unread" status, developers can use their application badge count to trigger a clearing of notifications from Notification Center. When an application clears its badge count (by setting it to zero), iOS 5 will clear its notifications from Notification Center.
  • NEW: iOS 5.0 terminates VoIP applications that are resumed in the background for incoming network traffic with extreme frequency. Developers are encouraged to make sure all incoming data is read from VoIP sockets to avoid this condition.


  • NEW: When tweeting your location from Safari and exiting before the location can be established, the location arrow will stay in the status bar. The arrow can be removed by killing Safari from the task switcher.

UI Automation

  • NEW: Instruments overwrites the loaded automation script, even if another program is editing it.
  • The play and record buttons in the Automation instrument script editor may not work properly after targeting an application that was launched by a trace session and has ended. They may also not work if you target an application that was suspended. If you run into this problem and it persists, you may need to close and reopen the trace document to get back into a functional state.
  • When capturing actions into a script using the Automation instrument, interfaces with web views or table cells that contain a high number of off screen elements may take an extremely long time before returning with an expression.
  • The lock() and unlock() functions of UIATarget have been replaced with the lockForDuration(<seconds>) function.
  • FIXED:Instruments overwrites the loaded automation script, even if another program is editing it.
  • Starting in iOS 5 beta 2, you can now trigger the execution of an UI Automation script on an iOS device from the host terminal by using the instruments tool. The command is:
    • instruments -w <device id> -t <template> <application>
  • When using the cli instruments for UI Automation you can now target the default Automation Template and pass the script and results path into the tool as environment variable options. For example:
    • instruments -w <device id> -t /Developer/Platforms/iPhoneOS.platform/Developer/Library/Instruments/PlugIns/AutomationInstrument.bundle/Contents/Resources/Automation.tracetemplate <application> -e UIASCRIPT <script> -e UIARESULTSPATH <results path>


  • Starting in iOS 5 beta 3, the exclusiveTouch property of UIControl has returned to its original default value of NO.
  • Returning nil from the tableView:viewForHeaderInSection: method (or its footer equivalent) is no longer sufficient to hide a header. You must override tableView:heightForHeaderInSection:and return0.0 to hide a header.
  • In the iOS 5 beta, the UITableView class has two methods to move one cell from one row to another with defined parameters. These APIs are:
    • moveSection:toSection:
    • moveRowAtIndexPath:toIndexPath:
  • Using the UIWebView class in Interface Builder, setting transparent background color is possible in iOS 5. Developers compiling against the new SDK can check their XIB for the UIWebView transparent setting.
  • In the iOS 5 beta, the UINavigationBarUIToolbar, and UITabBar implementations have changed so that the drawRect: method is not called on instances of these classes unless it is implemented in a subclass. Apps that have re-implemented drawRect: in a category on any of these classes will find that the drawRect: method isn't called. UIKit does link-checking to keep the method from being called in apps linked before iOS 5 but does not support this design on iOS 5 or later. Apps can either:
    • Use the customization API for bars that in iOS 5 and later, which is the preferred way.
    • Subclass UINavigationBar (or the other bar classes) and override drawRect: in the subclass.
  • The indexPathForRow:inSection:section, and row methods of NSIndexPath now use NSInteger instead of NSUInteger, so that these types match with methods defined on UITableView.
  • Touch events are not getting forwarded to the view in the cameraOverlayView property of UIImagePickerController.
  • FIXED:When creating a new appointment in calendar app on a device using 24 hr clock, you cannot select an hour value greater than 12. The date-time picker value sets current weekday to be the same as previous day (e.g: a An appointment on Tuesday will be set as Monday).
  • We have changed the behavior of scrollToRowAtIndexPath:atScrollPosition:animated:such that UITableViewScrollPositionTop and UITableViewScrollPositionBottom now adjust for the top and bottom portions of the contentInset property.


  • In iOS 5, a new inherited CSS property, -webkit-overflow-scrolling, is available. The value touch allows the web developer to opt in to native-style scrolling in an overflow:scrollelement. The default value for this property is auto, which allows single-finger scrolling without momentum.
  • The WebKit framework has picked up a newer WebKit engine, which closely matches Safari 5.1. Some areas to be aware of with the new WebKit framework on iOS:
    • There is a new HTML5-compliant parser.
    • Text layout width may change slightly because word-rounding behavior now has floating-point-based precision.
    • There is improved validation of the <input> form field, which includes removing leading zeros and number formatting.
    • Touch events are now supported on input fields.
    • window.onerror is now supported.
    • There is a new user agent that does not have locale information in the User Agent string.

WiFi Syncing

  • In iOS 5 beta 4, wireless syncing is now available on Windows as well as the Mac (requires OS X 10.6.8 or Lion)You will see an option to enable wireless syncing when you connect your device to iTunes with the USB cable. It is recommended you perform your initial sync with a cable after restoring your device.
    • Wireless syncing is triggered automatically when the device is connected to power and on the same network as the paired computer. Or, you can manually trigger a sync from iTunes or from Settings -> General -> iTunes Sync (same network as paired computer required).
    • If you find issues with apps, media and/or photos synced to your device, you can reset then resync. From Settings -> General -> Reset, choose Erase all Content and Settings. Then reconnect to iTunes and sync again.
  • In some cases, your device may fail to sync contacts, calendars and account settings, or back up to iTunes. If this happens, reboot your device and re-sync.
  • NEW:In some cases, syncing photos may result in only thumbnails on your device. If this happens, unsync Photos then re-sync again.


  • When uninstalling iOS 5.0 SDK beta 2 or upgrading from iOS 5.0 SDK beta 2 your new install might be missing the /usr/lib/libsvn* files thus making some subversion functionality (such as the perl bindings and git-svn) unavailable.
    • If your host machine is a Snow Leopard based, you can get these back by reinstalling BSD.pkgfrom your OS DVD, followed by a Combo Update to Mac OS X 10.6.8 or later.
    • If your host machine is Lion based you will have to reinstall the OS.
  • In this beta, device restores using Xcode are disabled. Please use iTunes only to back up and restore your device.
  • In some cases, Xcode 4.2 Organizer does not display a device that is in restore mode. As a workaround you can use iTunes to restore.
  • In iOS 5 beta 4, the iOS Simulator is not compatible with previous releases of the iCloud Developer Seed for OS X. It is highly recommended that you update to the latest iCloud Developer Seed to ensure compatibility.
  • iOS 5.0 SDK supports both iOS 4.3 and iOS 5.0 simulators.

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