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Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Square Credit Card Reader for iOS Devices.

The mobile payment industry has been rapidly developing. Companies like Square are starting to offer transaction services for payments through smartphones like the iPhone.

Square allows you to receive credit card transactions on the iPhone through their app and plug-in reader device. Apple is now selling Square readers in its online and retail stores. An interesting move, considering the iPhone 5 could have built-in NFC technology…

According to TechCrunch report, Mobile payments company Square has landed a deal to get its Credit Card Reader on the online Apple Store and in Apple retail stores starting this week. Apple will start selling Square devices in all of its U.S. retail stores starting this week.

This is Square’s first large-scale in-store retail promotion and it landed a huge fish. Millions of consumers visit Apple’s retail outlets each day, and this will certainly translate into more sales and exposure for Square. The device will be only payments product featured in the store, and while display location may vary by store, we hear that Square will be included in the store area where main consumer-oriented accessories are displayed. Apple and Square will also be partnering to host educational seminars at the stores, where consumers can learn how to use the device.

Square’s device is selling at the store for $9.95 but users get a $10 square credit when they sign up for an account and the apps are free. It’s important to note that when sign up for Square on its website, the device is free, and the company only charges merchants 2.75 percent per transaction. You can also purchase the device in black or white (previously the Square devices were only sold in White).


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