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Saturday, April 30, 2011

xBackup: Utility for Backing up Cydia Content

xBackup is a new utility recently found in Cydia that allows you to perform a manual backup of all content (packages and repository) installed on the iPhone user, so you can restore it after a backup or firmware update . Let's look at some of the features.This is a very simple program that lets you run a full backup of all contents installed via Cydia, which is therefore proposed as an alternative to the various PKGBackup, and APTBackup iBye. The usefulness of such programs lies in the comfort of being able to automatically reinstall all packages previously downloaded from Cydia with a few taps on the screen of the iPhone.

Obviously this is only possible after performing a backup, sync your iPhone with iTunes and have reinstalled, after restore, xBackup on the device.

The developer has already announced some of the features that will be implemented with the next updates xBackup. Here they are below:
Backup via the server, so as to be stored in a personal space all the necessary data;
Ability to share the backup data with others, friends or colleagues (this is not true for applications Cydia Store to be necessarily purchased from third parties. Otherwise, after the backup will not work);
Ability to manage manually, select and deselect the programs you want to restore after backup;
Automatic backups.

xBackup is available on the BigBoss repository on Cydia and can be purchased at a price of $ 1.50 .


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