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Friday, April 29, 2011

PocketTV: Turns the iPhone into a Vcast Video!

PocketTV transforms the iPhone into a portable recorder. Through integration with VCAST, in fact, allows you to record programs directly from television and film. In addition, you can download or watch streaming the same file by the JPA.

VCAST ( ) is simple: just sign up and claim to be in compliance with the fee of television.With a few easy steps you can set infinite number of television programming, even on multiple channels. Once the registration you will be notified with a notification local (and therefore requires no connection) also closed app. Then you can decide whether to see your program in streaming, download or send the link via email or text message to anyone you want.

By downloading the file you'll find it in the download section of the app itself, and from there you can easily see the file "offline" or upload to your DropBox account.Also, when your device is connected to iTunes, you can download from the special section (App File Sharing) your programs.

The available formats for registration are:

The channels are currently available:

✓ RAI 1
✓ RAI 3
✓ RAI 3
✓ RAI 4
✓ RAI Sport 1
✓ RAI Sport 2
✓ RAI 5
✓ RAI YoYo
✓ RAI News
✓ Premium RAI
✓ RAI Movie
✓ RAI History
✓ School RAI
✓ RAI Gulp
✓ RAI Med
✓ RAI NettunoSat1
✓ Sky
✓ SportItalia
✓ SportItalia24
✓ SportItalia2
✓ K2
✓ Italian Senate
✓ Chamber of Deputies
✓ Sat 2000
✓ Arts
✓ CCTV News

The main functions of version 1.0:

✓ Integration Vcast account
✓ Register a new account VCAST directly without intermediate steps by the APA
✓ Ability to handle multiple users
✓ Notifications premises at the end of recordings
✓ Insertion infinite records
✓ Integrated Player to view / listen to the recording in both streaming and locally
✓ Ability to send the direct link to download the file via SMS or Email
✓ integration services DropBox
✓ Upload the recording to your DropBox account (you will create a folder in the root called "PocketTV)
✓ Choice of Log Out automatic exit the app for the VCAST service that DropBox
✓ Enable / disable the notifications of the recording
✓ Display space available on device
✓ Schedule recordings:
〮 no repetition
〮 daily
〮 every week
〮 from Monday to Friday
〮 from Monday to Saturday
Download ✓ continuously with the app in the background thanks to multitasking
✓ Support Retina Display
✓ Multitasking

Pocket TV is available on the App Store at a price of 0.79 € .


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