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Sunday, April 17, 2011

GeoHot Donates the Proceeds of Donations for Legal Fees Against Sony at EFF

GeoHot dona a Electronic Frontier Foundation i soldi raccolti per la causa contro Sony

That the legal battle between Sony and GeoHot was a story that was expecting a definitive ending, especially after the controversy of the community of hackers against George Hotz, who has decided to give an answer to the question of Night Breed stated a few days ago:
"What do you do with the money you have donated to help in the legal battle? I hope you repay all the people, because you have not kept your word "
As announced on her blog , GeoHot not decided to return the money to all those who made ​​the donation, but has brought them together and made ​​a transfer of $ 10,000 to the Electronic Frontier Foundation ( EFF ), an organization that fights for freedom in the world of technology. Our George said of his action:
"This money goes to the EFF in the hope that America may one day again become a shining example of freedom, free from DMCA and ACTA , and that private interests can never win against the ideas of privacy and property rights word. "
Do not miss even a dig at the same Sony:
"If you break the balls enough to make him pull out the lawyers and their checkbook to one million dollars, the worst thing that can happen is that you need super-swear not to do it again. "


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