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Wednesday, April 13, 2011

New Nimbus Web Browser

Nimbus is a new browser for iPhone recently available in Cydia. If some programs of this kind (Skyfire, Opera, etc ...) have distinguished themselves for one or more unique features, Nimbus has little to offer and we can say that this is no different from other children alternative to Safari browser found in both Cydia in App Store.

This is because of yet another browser that, once established, will almost certainly be removed from the home of your iPhone. A few general functions, poor interface and "sad" little practical use, conditioned by a navigation bar that appears right in the middle of the page you are viewing.

Nimbus signal for only the possibility to switch from normal mode to full screen (this feature is not on Safari). Fortunately, at least, this is a project completely free of charge.

Nimbus can indeed be downloaded from the BigBoss repo and free trial


  1. itycoon nobody reads this shit. also download the newest version, he fixed the navigation bar being in the middle and it now has tabs and is faster SON so download it again and i better see this shitty article removed.

  2. hahahahahah, i am gonna work on it