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Wednesday, April 13, 2011

WiFi-Where: Scan the Detail Near a WiFi Hotspot [Cydia].

Cydia is just available in both free and paid, a new utility to scan detail WiFi hotspots nearby: his name is WiFi-Where.

This is a very precise and comprehensive, albeit not without some fairly major bugs (such as the inability to change the settings of the same by using the feedback section) that will allow the user to receive information on a number of points WiFi access in the vicinity, such as MAC address, channel, type of security key, signal strength, and so on.
The operation of WiFi-Where and detection of new networks is based on both the GPS signal (if present) on the data network the iPhone. To follow all the main features of this program:

User interface is very simple and easy to use;
Continuous scan mode;
Using the GPS signal;
Ability to save the hotspots identified;
Ability to send e-mail scan results;
Detailed information for each network, including the name / SSID, signal strength, the means of authentication, MAC address of the place;
Possibility to connect to hotspots found;
Saving the password for the hotspot that is accessed;

Where WiFi is available to download from Cydia Store at a price of $ 1.99 . There is also a lite version of the free trial, unlike the full version has some banner advertising inside.


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