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Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Pieceable Viewer Show Your and Run iOS Apps on The Web [PC].

Piecable, a new start-up company, launch their very first product; Piecable Viewer. By which you can run all your iOS apps (App Store Apps) right on your computer browser – in other words with out any iOS device. The service will let any developer create a web browser compatible version of their app for testing or demo purposes and some apps including Yelp, Hipmunk and Foodspotting are already up and running working flawlessly.

Piecable Viewer runs the emulated app through Flash and it doesn’t require any code modifications to work except for the addition of a single line of code. Piecable CEO Fred Potter said “It ends up being the easiest way ever to share an iPhone app on the web,” further making the point that there is no hassle of UDID exchange or the 100 device limit that Apple imposes “it’s zero friction and hassle”.

The service, which is also set to support Android soon, is employing a tiered pricing plan for developers wanting to use it. It is free for 1 simultaneous viewer, 1 app and a link that expires, $ 30 for 3 simultaneous viewers and 5 apps and $ 60 for 10 viewers with unlimited apps and no expiry date on the links. Jump over to the Piecable Viewer website to try out running an iPhone App in your browser!


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