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Sunday, April 3, 2011

PairShare: Share Music Between iPhone and iOS Devices Over Bluetooth.

We’ve covered how you can use AirView to stream video between iPhone and other iOS devices. A friend of mine has raised a question about how he can share music between two iPhones or with other iOS devices (e.g. iPad) over bluetooth.
If you’re like him and want to stream your music to other iOS devices over bluetooth, you have to check out the PairShare app. Developed by PairShare LLC, the app lets you easily share your music or listen to your friend’s music via bluetooth. It supports music sharing on most iOS devices, including iPhone 3G/3GS/4, iPod touch (2G or new) and iPad, running iOS 4.1 or up.

How To Share Music Between Devices

It’s pretty easy to share music between devices with Pairshare. Let’s say you want to stream music on your iPhone to your friend’s iPad. What you need to do is to install the app and launch it on both devices.
On your iPhone, tap the “music” button to select the songs you want to share or simply share the whole music library. Once you built the share list, just tap “Connect” button to look for your friend’s iPad. Ask your friend to tap the same button on the iPad. With your friend’s confirmation, the app will pair up both devices automatically. Now what you need is to simply hit the “play” button and your music then wirelessly streams to your friend’s iPad. Your friend can even view your album art, song title, album and artist on his device.
I love this app and it works as advertised. I can easily share my music to my wife and listen the same song together. With multitasking support on iOS 4, you don’t have to keep PairShare opened. Just share the song and you can continue to navigate the web or check your email without interrupting the music playback.
PairShare app is available for free download but it limits to share the song for only 30 seconds. The free version is primarily served for demo purpose. If you love the app and find it useful, you can download the full version for $2.99. So far the app works pretty great and I highly recommend you to check it out if you’re looking for solution to share your music wirelessly.


  1. A great applciation when you are with a friend.....whether be hiking, biking, at the the the libary...

    Works great....

  2. The newly released PairShare "Free Version" now shares one whole song at a time plus the Free Version has unlimited listening capability...Pay $2.99 and you can also provide continuous share of your whole playlist or audiobook to a friend over bluetooth while you hike, bike, are at the gym, at the beach or at the library...or anywhere..