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Friday, April 8, 2011

iKeyGuard: The 1st iPhone Key Logger is Now Available in Cydia.

iKeyGuard is a new program released in Cydia which appears to be in effect the first Key Logger for iPhone, which is a program that lets you record and store, in a discreet and "invisible" every single letter pressed on the keyboard and the iPhone send logs to a specific email address. In short, a professional dedicated especially to those who want to control every little action of that type will be executed by themselves or by third parties on the phone in question.

iKeyGuard is extremely easy to configure and works with any device iOS iOS upgraded to 4 and later. As reported earlier, the entire registration process takes place in the background without the user noticing that the program is running and is storing what will be typed from the keyboard of the iPhone.

iKeyGuard uses an advanced algorithm that allows to obtain excellent results without unduly burdening the GPU of the iPhone on which the program runs. Recall that the program can be downloaded and installed via the BigBoss repository on Cydia. Let us now see how to proceed with the configuration of iKeyGuard on the iPhone.
Guide iKeyGuard
1. Run the jailbreak your iPhone (if you have not already).

2. Open Cydia, then the search section and type in "Key Logger - iKeyGuard. Then install the package.

3. Open Safari and enter this address at the top: http://localhost:4444 (or Simply: 4444)

At this point you have activated the license iKeyGuard trial that will allow you to record only a few words. If you wish to purchase a full license ( $ 9.99 ), you will not have to click on the appropriate item and then proceed with the purchase.


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