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Monday, April 4, 2011

[Apptitude] Find Out Which iPhone Apps Your Facebook Friends Are Using.

Facebook, the world’s leading social network is quickly approaching the 700 million user mark. Out of these, nearly 250 million users use mobile phones to access Facebook. Even by the most pessimistic estimate, 10% of this population would be iPhone users. Therefore, it’s fair to assume that nearly 25 million Facebook users use iPhone apps. So, how do you know which iPhone apps your Facebook friends are using? The best way to find this would be to scan through their posts and Likes on Facebook. That’s precisely what the “Apptitude” app from Noisetoys does.

Read on to know more about Apptitude for iPhone.

Noisetoys is well known for their popular music discovery and promotion App Hitmaker, which combines the best of social media and music. Apptitude is built on a similar model – discover information from your social media circles (Facebook, Twitter) and then organize it neatly for your viewing.

I downloaded the Apptitude app earlier today. Upon installation, the app prompts you to enter your Facebook credentials as it uses Facebook Connect to discover your friend’s FB information. Once that’s done, it asks for your approval to access your Facebook profile information and push notification preference. And you are all set to see which of your friends “likes” which iPhone app. Apptitude shows how many Facebook users in total like that particular app. It also provides you with an option to like any app without having to use the Facebook app.

The Noisytoys team says it hopes to use such social app data to build a contextual search engine to find relevant iPhone apps. As of now, the app uses Facebook recommendations to show which apps are the most popular within your social network. The updated version of Apptitude is now available on the Apple App Store and it offers a revamped UI that’s been optimized for Retina Display.

You can download the Apptitude App for free from here. If you haven’t tried it, I’d suggest you do so and be a part of the “social app store” movement that’s currently sweeping through the Facebook iPhone user community.

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