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Thursday, February 3, 2011

Google Shopper for iPhone is Now Available in the App Store

Google has released their popular Android shopping app in the App Store. Shopping results have been part of Google’s web search for a long time, and the Android app is used by millions of people for mobile shopping.
Google Shopper for the iPhone delivers shopping results through text, image and voice search. If you’ve ever used Google shopping results on the web, you’ll immediately understand how to use Google Shopper on the iPhone. Instead of restricting your results to, for example, Amazon’s catalog (Price Check for iPhone), Google Shopper will present you with compared results from various vendors on the internet.
The goal with Google Shopper is to give you more informed and objective results from various product vendors. The app is simple and effective at searching for products you encounter on the go with your iPhone…

Google Shopper’s interface is clean and intuitive. The app uses your iPhone’s location to provide more effective results for your product searches. There isn’t a lot of customization in the Google Shopper app, but it works well at returning search results.

You have the optioning of searching with the old fashioned search bar, as well as image search and the always handy voice search. Image search works a lot like Amazon’s Price Check; you can take a picture of, for example, a book cover and see results for buying that book online. Google Shopper also let’s you scan a product’s UPC code to find reviews and price comparisons from internet vendors.

When you search for something, you can sort your results by relevance and price. You can also see customer reviews and ratings. As you look through supported online vendors, products can be saved, or “starred,” for later. Products can also be shared with friends through social networking.
Google Shopper’s local results are especially appealing. You can toggle results from online suppliers to local companies that carry the product you’re searching for. From there you can see if a product is in stock, where it’s in stock, and whether it’s currently sold out near your location.
Google Shopper is available for free in the App Store. The app has been hugely popular on the Android platform, and it’s sure to do well in the App Store. Happy shopping!


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