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Friday, February 25, 2011

Geohot Interviewed Again Over Sony Lawsuit “Beating Them in Court is Just a Start”

Geohot has done another interview on The Alyona Show in which he addresses the issues with the Sony debate and clarifies his stance on the subject. Check out the video.

Geohot has been very vocal of his opinions on how Sony responded to his hack. He appeared on G4′s Attack of the Show in an interview about the Sony issue, and he even made a rap video about the situation.
Hotz recently asked for donations from the community towards his legal fees. The first round of donations was successful, and we’re sure Geohot will continue to receive support from his followers in his battle for consumer rights.

He says he would have quit this stuff back in June but he doesn’t want to set reputation for hackers that all they can do against mega corporations is get sued and back down.

 "In fact, I want the opposite reputation set, that the more a company tries to abuse the legal system, the harder we rally back" says Geohot.

His explanation for hacking the devices is that he wants to openly use the product he paid for, which by the way makes total sense. We have every right to do legal stuff with the product we own and that’s Hotz’s cause. Hotz believe they don’t want him locked up or his money, they want to induce fear in the audience out there and interestingly he believes sending the message back is the right thing to do. Sending the message back, eh? Hacking Sony Xperia Play you mean. Geohot further adds, he thinks he will win without a doubt and beating them in the court is just a start.


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