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Thursday, February 24, 2011

Microsoft Made a Huge Donation to Geohot!!!!!!?

Not the strongest of legs to this rumor but they are reporting that Microsoft has donated a huge part of money to Geohot to defend himself against Sony in court. This might be true, as he racked up enough money in just two days to pay his lawyers from donations. But keeping in view his large fanbase, the claim made is questionable!
The information comes from a source close to the matter who must remain anonymous that in an attempt to help George win his case, and thus making it legal to hack the PlayStation 3, the company anonymously donated a large lump of cash so he could cover his court fees; remember: only 2 days had passed after Hotz requested the money and then received all of the money.
Of course, we’ve already seen Microsoft openly inviting George to jailbreak the Windows Phone 7 so the reported shrewd move from Microsoft seen above may indeed be true. Even few months back, Brandon Watson, Director of WP7 openly invited George to jailbreak the Windows Phone 7.
Unlike Apple’s Steve Jobs and Sony’s Howard Stringer, Microsoft is taking a friendly approach to fix the exploits existing in Windows Phone 7 OS. To see Microsoft putting that type of effort to work with developers instead of limiting them will help the platform grow more rapidly and reward the developers for their efforts. Which approach is better? You decide!!


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