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Monday, February 21, 2011

Verizon-AT&T Emoji — Doesn’t Work

Emoji is an emoticon keyboard for iOS devices that was meant for Japan only, but many hacks surfaced allowing the use of this keyboard for anyone with an iDevice.
This fun-filled keyboard full of great, colourful and vibrant emoticons can only be seen by iPhone users, but a recent finding shows that, while AT&T can send Emoji characters to Verizon users, Verizon users can’t send them to AT&T users.
Apparently, this is a bug found in Verizon iOS 4.2.6 that results in Emoji being shown as strange ASCII characters.
Whether Apple can find this and patch it in time for the release of iOS 4.3 is solely up to whether they know about this or not, but let’s hope, because what’s an iPhone without fun?


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