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Saturday, February 19, 2011

"Cydia Blank Fix" to Whited00r custom firmware version users

Few weeks ago, my Cydia goes blank...Can't see anything in "Sections", "Refresh", "Packages", "Sources". (Almost blank!), Cydia also didn't display version...
But still "Storage" tab still give information about how much space I used for Cydia Apps & Packages....
If Cydia Apps & Packages still exist, space still used up, but why can't see anything in Cydia?
Some forums say Cydia recently encounter some problem... (My brother's iPhone 2G still works with Cydia, prove Cydia didn't occur down yet or problems so far...)
Some people say delete some files in "apt" folder and where else. ( I forgot & lazy to mention, furthermore, I tried, Cydia still exist blank)
If users using Whited00r firmwares, this solution / command may work
Open / Launch "Terminal" (Download "mobileterminal" via Cydia first)
Login as root by running "su" & DEFAULT password is "alpine" (If you haven't change password)
Run this command "dpkg --configure -a" and iPhone will require a respring, it respring automatically after run the command. If doesn't manual respring with Darlo's Multitasking.
Check back your Cydia whether have a fix?
Whited00r Forum users tested this command and say his / her Cydia run normally finally...
If you not using Whited00r firmware, usually will not happen this if you didn't do something you dunno what you do on your iPhone...But, if Cydia encounter this kind of problem, why you not giving a try? But no 100%
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