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Sunday, February 13, 2011

Walmart Sold Fake iPad, Refuses Refund - News Story

An anonymous man in Atlanta bought an iPad recently from Walmart to discover that the one he purchased was a fake — a store prop used for display purposes only.
Reports from all over suggest that the prop resembles the real iPad almost completely and that the only differences you can find are the absence of hardware or electronics in the interior of the device and the printed iPad screenshots under the glass.9to5Mac reports:

The man has requested a refund from Walmart for the fake, but Walmart is refusing and is sort of blaming Apple about the issue. The local news speculates that somebody purchased an iPad, swapped it with the fake, and returned it. Walmart is blaming Apple since Apple apparently handles the exchanges for the popular reseller’s Apple product sales. The man claims he will be filing a lawsuit against Walmart if the situation does not get properly resolved.



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