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Thursday, February 24, 2011

Sony Developing Hack-Proof PlayStation 3 / PS3 SKU?

Some reports are coming that Sony is developing a ‘hack-proof’ PlayStation 3 to combat piracy and the new PS3 might replace all currently existing PS3 SKUs very soon.
With all the recent price drops circulating Sony’s PlayStation 3 console and even reports suggesting the company may even introduce an official price drop, you can’t help wonder why Sony are really doing this for. If they really wanted to drop the price of their machine the best opportunity would have been at E3 last year. So, there must be a motive behind the recent price drops from major retailers – Sony is reportedly looking into a hack-proof PS3 SKU.
According to what I have been told by an anonymous source Sony are already deep into plans of developing a hack-proof PS3 system. This is mainly due to the recent leaks of Killzone 3 which has worried Sony of their console becoming a mainstream threat to piracy.
The new model PS3 will reportedly have the current slim design, a 300GB hard drive, an undisclosed anti-hacking system, and the price of the SKU will be of around $300. Current models of the PS3 could also see a price cut as Sony hopes to clear out the old jailbreakable models from retailers to make way for the secured PS3 console.


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