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Sunday, February 20, 2011

AT&T Enables iOS 4.3 Personal Hotspot Feature

It is being reported that AT&T acquiesced to activate the new Personal Hotspot WiFisharing feature of iOS 4.3 beta 3 for a developer, when he mentioned that he might switch to Verizon to get the feature.

Apple added the Personal Hotspot feature in iOS 4.2.6, a build that only runs on the Verizon iPhone 4, where the iPhone becomes a Wi-Fi base station. Up to five laptops, iPod Touches or other gadgets can get online, using the iPhone as a glorified Internet antenna.
The individual reporting AT&T’s acquiescence in provisioning the feature on his phone running the developer build says the carrier agreed “after I mentioned Verizon a few times.”
Interestingly, it is not officially announced that the new Personal Hotspot WiFi sharing feature would come to existing AT&T iPhone users, but AT&T will had to enable it to be competitive to Verizon. Verizon offers tethering with a Wi-Fi Hotspot, giving Internet access to up to five devices for $20 with a capping of 2GB per month.
[Update 1]: @reeldigitalpro has shared a screenshot showing personal hotspot on AT&T…via


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