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Monday, February 28, 2011

"iTunes Alternative for Jailbreakers" GOOD NEWS from Dev Team

Dev Team is working on an iTunes replacement for the jailbreak community.
While it does seem too good to be true, there is a definite chance that jailbreakers will have their own iTunes-like app that works specifically for jailbroken iDevices. A famous jailbreak developer has raised speculation that the Dev Team is in fact working on an alternative for iTunes.
Joshua Hill, or P0sixninja, is a member of the Dev Team and a prominent figure in the jailbreak community. A series of tweets between he and Nick Hoggan reveal that the Dev Team is in early development for their very own iTunes replacement.
Nick asked P0sixninja if the Dev Team was working on an iTunes alternative, and P0sixninja responded with a simple, “yes, soon.”
Nick then responded to P0sixninja’s tweet with a question about the projected release of an iTunes replacement. P0sixninja said that the project is under, “heavy development.”
Much credits to iPhone Dev Team for this Development..
Stay Tuned ............................


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