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Tuesday, February 22, 2011

"Facebook Messenger for iPhone" Enables You to Chat And Make Free Audio Calls Through VoIP

A new app called Facebook Messenger has been receiving a lot of attention in the press lately. It is the premiere app from the CrispApp developers.
I was a tad skeptical of Facebook Messenger when I first started reading about the app. There are a great deal of Facebook-related apps in the App Store, and I was curious about what made Facebook Messenger stand out.
Facebook Messenger is a clean and well-designed chat application for Facebook, but that’s not all. The app also allows you to make free audio calls to your Facebook friends straight from your iPhone.
Facebook Messenger’s official description,
“Facebook Messenger is the best way to stay in touch with all your Facebook friends and the ultimate Voice Chat app that allows you to call your friends for free. Built specifically to improve your Facebook chat experience, Facebook Messenger connects millions of Facebook friends through VoIP so they can talk to one another. Delivering what is lacking with today’s Facebook chat functionality, Facebook Messenger is THE must-have app for Facebook users around the world.
Additional cool features allow users to easily send pictures, browse message history, view a friend’s wall, use emoticons, receive instant replies with Apple Push Notifications, and setup sound notifications and multi-tasking support – all right from within the app. Facebook Messenger is a great way to get connected and stay in touch!”
Unlike other Facebook-related apps, Facebook Messenger boasts a very clean interface with a nice set of features. The chat functionality isn’t anything special compared to other similar apps. You can view your Facebook chat lists and carry on multiple chats at once.
There are some added features in chat that stand out. The ability to send pictures, view chat history, utilize the iPhone’s push notifications for new messages, and use the in-app browser makes mobile chat through Facebook a comfortable experience.
Where Facebook Messenger really stands out is in its VoIP calling feature. That’s right, you can call any of your Facebook friends for free from your iPhone! (Watch out, Skype.)
The app uses Voice over IP to allow free, internet-based audio calls between the app and any other Facebook user. If the person you decide to call is using the Facebook Messenger app, the call will take place right within the app.
But in most cases, you’ll be calling a Facebook friend that’s at a computer or online through another means besides the Facebook Messenger app. If that’s the case- don’t sweat it. Facebook Messenger will paste a link in your friend’s chat window that will take them to a webpage that runs your call in their browser.
Here’s a video demonstrating Facebook Messenger in action:
You’ve got to admit, that’s pretty dang cool. If you’re a Facebook junkie, Facebook Messenger is the best way to chat and call your friends through your Facebook account. No additional accounts with CrispApp need to be created; the magic happens with one login to Facebook.
If you can’t stay away from Facebook for more than ten minutes, why not help feed the problem with this great app.
Facebook Messenger is available for $2.99 in the App Store.


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