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Saturday, February 19, 2011

How To Make Animated Bootlogos

© Chronic Dev Team
One of the new features of the latest Greenpois0n was the addition of custom animated boot logos. These are very easy to make, so let’s learn how:

What You Need

  • Jailbroken device on iOS 4.2.1, jailbroken with at least Greenpois0n RC5.
  • OpenSSH installed on the device.
  • SSH client such as WinSCP for Windows or CyberDuck for Mac.
  • Image editor such as Paint, GIMP or Photoshop.


  1. In Cydia, install “animate,” this will install the bootlogo package.
  2. On your PC or Mac, open your desired editing software and create a new image based on the device you have: iPhone 4 and iPod touch 4 will need dimensions of 640 by 980 pixels and all others will use 320 by 480 pixels
  3. Name your first frame “0.png” then go in order for however many frames you need (e.g. 0.png–7.png = 8 frames)
  4. save all images in a folder designated for the boot logo
  5. SSH into your device and navigate to (root)\Library\BootLogos\
  6. Copy the folder containing your boot logo images into this directory
Your boot logo will now be on your device
After you’ve completed these steps, go to BootLogo in settings and activate your boot logo. You may also preview to ensure it was created correctly.


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