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Monday, February 28, 2011

‘MobileNotifier’ Brings changes on Push Notifications to Your iDevices

MobileNotifier is by far one of the best alternatives to Apple’s cumbersome way of handling push notifications…
What I hate most about iOS’ stock push notification system is the fact that it pulls focus away from whatever app you’re currently engaged in. MobileNotifier avoids doing this, which automatically makes it superior to the native method.
Along with that, you can access a history of all of your notifications, and switch to them using fast app switching. It’s just like switching from one app to another using your app switcher.

Another nice thing is that receiving a notification gives you an option to address it now, or look at it later. You can always just keep the notification on screen and go about your business like nothing ever happened; that works too.
There’s even a nice lock screen reminder that you have alerts waiting in queue for those of you who like reminders.

Overall, MobileNotifier is the best jailbreak solution for push notifications. I’m sure push notifications are on top of Apple’s list of things to fix (hopefully), but until then, MobileNotifier makes a good substitute.
Want to try MobileNotifier? If you have a jailbroken iPhone, add this source to Cydia: and download it today; it’s free.


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