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Friday, May 6, 2011

i0n1c Have a Solution to the Bug in the Frets of Vibration After the Jailbreak!

i0n1c is a hacker became quite famous in the last two months thanks to his exploits (not "cured" by Apple for over three consecutive firmware ) which permits the jailbreak from version 4.3 to 4.3.3 latest iOS. The security flaw found by the latter, however, involves a "reversal" of the silent button,if you lower the lever, the phone vibrates as usual to give confirmation, but will do so when you remove or behave in a totally unpredictable. To date, there has never been found a workaround for this bug, but it seems that something is finally coming.

In a recent message on his Twitter channel in fact, i0n1c said that soon may reach a solution to this annoying problem for users with iPhone 4.

The problem of vibration, however, is also present on the iPhone 3G: then the hacker does not specify if this bug will be fixed only on the iPhone 4 or the fix will be valid for both phones.

Unfortunately, no further details were released about it, but we will not fail to update you with further information on the development of the story!


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