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Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Awesome Note for iDevices

I have been using Awesome Note (iPad $4.99, iPhone $3.99) for the iPhone for the last few years.  I used it because I wanted to synch some notes or data from my computer to access  from the iPhone.
With the improved Awesome Note for the iPad, new dimensions of uses have been spawned.  Awesome Note is a great buy because its one of those Apps that encompasses so many uses in a nifty little App.
Here are some of the great functions and features of Awesome Note.

Keep a Journal of your travels, work, and projects in a diary format.  Here you can insert, pictures (saved and taken on the iPad 2’s camera) into the diary entry. Scribble handwritten notes, insert a map of your location where you made the entry.  And if you want to keep your journal entries private – you can password lock this folder.
To-do List
The to-do function is pretty comprehensive and has all the features to keep all you tasks organized.  I use it to set my post’s topics and due dates.  It allows you to set the task’s priority, repeat alarms, and set check lists.  All reminders will apprear as a badge on your App.
Memo/Note Writing
Awesome Note lets you customize the theme and background of your notes.  Categorize them by folders, which you can name, and reference by dates.  Here you may insert pictures, locations, and handwritten notes.
Post It Notes
I can access and store quick note in s Sticky Note format.  Tap on the quick memo and 2 sticky notes appear on-screen, one for a typed note and another for a handwritten note.  All your quick notes can be saved to your note archive at the click of a button.
Sync to the Cloud
After doing all these on the iPad, I sync all these data onto Google Docs or Evernote.  After synching I can edit my notes on my desktop.  I can also access my notes on my iPhone as I have Awesome Note on my iPhone too.
My Wish List
As with most App reviews here are some things that I wish to see from Awesome note improved.
Sync to Calendar.  While synching to Google Apps is available, it would help to sync to Google Calendar.  This would really complete the aspect of online connectivity for this App.
Auto Sync. The App requires you to manually sync to Google Docs and Evernote, an auto sync feature will be helpful.
Voice Memo.  It would be great to add quick voice memos instead of typing them down. Great for students and meetings.


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