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Sunday, May 29, 2011

TCP Optimizer: Improve Internet Speed for iDevices

Boost Internet Speed for Your iPhone
Have you always hated how long your YouTube app for iOS takes to load videos? Do you wish your internet was AT LEAST twice as fast as what it is right now? Then here’s a great tweak, called TCP Optimizer which comes for free, to all jailbreak users.

To get this tweak working, what you need to do is include the repository, or any other package manager that is supported, in to Cydia. Once you refresh the sources, you’ll start seeing TCP Optimizer in the package listings. So without restarting, the fix will start functioning.

Not to forget, this is a jailbreak tweak. So you need to jailbreak your iDevice first, which you can do by following our step-by-step guides in the Jailbreak section.

TCP Optimizer has support for all iPhones and iPads that run iOS 3.1.2 or higher. If you’re a beginner or you haven’t jailbroken your iDevice ever, we recommend you to think twice. Although the speeds might increase drastically, you might not want your warranty to go void by doing something not supported by Apple.

When you get under the hood, you find out that this fix actually makes changes to a couple of settings inside the firmware, mainly an amplification to the TCP buffer which starts receiving 292000 from its earlier value of 131072 bytes. It does this by actually turning off TCP protocol’s delayed acknowledgments (ACKs), making it possible to have 16 un-ACK’d packets instead of the conventional 8, hence taking it close to the UDP protocol. What it further does is making the default size of a data packet 1460 bytes, instead of the conventional 512. This boosts your internet speed to a huge level! So be it the YouTube app, or any other app that uses the internet, you get to experience some great pace.

In case you get stuck or face any issues, you can always remove the package from Cydia and reboot your iDevice. This will take you back to your old settings, leaving behind no trace.


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