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Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Comex’s iPad 2 Jailbreak is For Real

Everyone in the jailbreaking community knows that there are two untether exploits, Comex’s exploit and i0n1c’s exploit, available for iPad 2, but it’s difficult to predict the release date of the jailbreak tool. Both the hackers are currently developing the untethered jailbreak tool for iOS 4.3+ based iPad 2 devices.We have been hearing claims of having such exploits, and so far no one has really posted a video or image to prove the existence of iPad 2 jailbreak. Today, Comex has uploaded an image of his (jail)broken iPad 2, which depicts Cydia application on the screen. Have a look at it after the break.

Chronic Dev team has already posted few updates regarding iPad 2 jailbreak and GreenPois0n RC 6.2. If Comex releases his jailbreak tool first on the net, i0n1c won’t waste another exploit and vice versa. Now, let’s hope that we get this jailbreak tool soon.


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