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Wednesday, May 25, 2011

How to Make Cydia Compatible with Multitasking on iOS 4

With the release of the last major update of Cydia, Chpwn Saurik and have introduced many new techniques, making the program much faster and stable.Among the various improvements mentioned that the inclusion of a flu-like multitasking , so named because we had nothing to do with the real system of backgrounding iOS 4. With this guide we explain how to make compatible instead Cydia Multitasking with native iOS, just like all other applications on your iPhone.Warning : This guide is to change the behavior of Cydia in the background. This does not mean failure of the program, incompatibilities and problems that may occur at random and unknown. Proceed at your own risk, otherwise forget it. In case of problems with Cydia, you may need to re-run the jailbreak again.

  1. iPhone updated to jailbreak with iOS 4 or later;
  2. Cydia installed and working properly on the device;
  3. iFile, freely downloadable from Cydia.
1. Open i
File and place in / Applications.
2. Look for the folder and open it
3. Look for the file Info.plist and open it using the "Text Viewer".

4. Locate the string <key> UIApplicationExistsOnSuspend </ key> <true/> , change the value <true/> in <false/> and then save the changes to the Info.plist file.

 At this point you just have to reboot the iPhone to make sure that all changes are made correctly and accurately. From here onwards, you can use Cydia Multitasking with native iOS.


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