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Monday, May 30, 2011

[3 in 1 Cracked Jailbroken Apps] Download UNFolderz, LockToDo and AndroidLoader for iOS

UNFolder, a new iOS tweak that aims to make this process a whole lot easier. Instead of manually dragging out every single icon, users will simply have to press and hold their folder, wait for the home screen icons to start jiggling and press the "X" button. Just as you would while deleting a standard App, you’ll get a standard confirmation prompt, and if if you really decide to delete the folder, it will go away and all the Apps within that folder will automatically be moved to the home screen.

[UNFolderz ] Download 0.0.1-1 Cracked : Official

Allows the management of day to day tasks on your LockScreen.
LockToDo allows you to view tasks and manage option on your lock screen from an helpful application. You can then be alerted of new tasks on your lock. 
This allow you to never forget a task.

[NOTE] You need to activate LockToDo theme using WinterBoard
[LockToDo] Download 2.0 Cracked : Official

AndroidLoader for iOS
Introducing AndroidLoader for iOS. With a single tap or slide gesture, you are able to launch and view all your applications in one place, Android style, on your iOS device! (not available for iPad, yet) Potentially, this could take over your SpringBoard. AndroidLoader was also made customizable using WinterBoard or DreamBoard so if you don't want the Android look, no problem. Make your own skin! More will be added in later updates. ;) 

Check out themes by Surenix: 
[AndroidLoader for iOS] Download 1.01 Cracked : Official



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