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Wednesday, May 18, 2011

RecognizeMe Brings Biometric Facial Recognition Security For Unlocking iPhone [Cydia Tweak]

We have to admit it. At first, after giving a first look at this video, we were rather skeptical about the authenticity of this project, but now we have completely changed my mind. RecognizeMe is a revolutionary new tweak for jailbroken iPhone that allow you to unlock the screen by facial recognition, of course, using the front camera of the fourth generation of the iPhone.
Although not yet perfect, RecognizeMe tweak will be the first ever to allow facial recognition within the lock screen. This, as you can see from the video, will not be used randomly but will be used to unlock the iPhone and go to the Home of the phone where you can find all of our applications.

To enable RecognizeMe will be sufficient to enable the lock code and then press the lockscreen, rather than enter the passcode to unlock it. It will start a fast scan of the face of the user, if it matches with that of one who has previously stored sample within a photo-RecognizeMe application, will ensure that the iPhone can unlock normally. Otherwise it will return an error and you will not have access to Home.

RecognizeMe will soon be available in Cydia and it will have a cost of $ 6.99 only for first few weeks.


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