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Thursday, May 5, 2011

You’ll Soon Be Able To See Inside Buildings With Google Maps [VIDEO]

Google’s latest addition to its growing Maps product is Business Photos, which was launched today by Google’s Vice President of Location and Maps, Marissa Mayer.The new feature will allow users to take a look inside buildings when using Maps, bringing a new level of functionality to the already feature-laden app.

Google’s Business Photos could be a real boon for hospitality and retail establishments such as bars, restaurants and clubs. We also see a market for exhibitions and museums though, giving patrons a glimpse of what is behind the ticket booth before even leaving the house.

While some more flash establishments already offer a similar virtual-walkthrough on their own websites, though a Google link could take the experience to a new level.

Just wait for the privacy crusaders to get wind of this and think Google will be putting cameras through their windows!


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