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Monday, May 30, 2011

[GUIDE] How to Download Dorrent Files on iPhone is Not Jailbroken.

Want to download a torrent file from iPhone? This guide will explain how to do it even without jailbreak.

Premise that the Torrent files are not synonymous with illegality: they are present many open source and free content (from iOS tool for unlocking the various versions of Linux) can be downloaded quickly via this protocol.

Here are the steps to follow:
1. Install the application on your device Filer (maybe the lite version )
2. Go to a site where to find the file. Torrent that interest you
3. Copy the URL of the file. Torrent.
4. Now in Safari, or Filer, go on the site and register for free
5. Then login and paste the link to the file. Torrent copied earlier and click on GET
6. You'll see a summary screen with all the files that are being downloaded. Well now press the INITIATE BitTorrent HYDRO.
7. The download is already started but it still be downloaded to your device, but only on your account Torrific. Make sure you have checked to receive mail at the end of the download.
8. From now on you can also disconnect and quit Safari, your download will continue anyway on the server.
9. Once arrived in the mail confirmation of download, open Filer and go back to your account Torrific. You will see your file ready to be downloaded to your device. Zip.Click on the file and will open the summary screen.

10 Click DOWNLOAD AS ZIP FILES CHECKED to start downloading the file.

11. After move to the MENU and unzip your files.

You can easily do all this in the 3G connection.

Thanks Mark SCALET (bruco1987) for preparing this guide!


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