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Thursday, July 21, 2011

iTunes Updated to 10.4 To Support Lion

Following the release of Mac OS X Lion earlier today, Apple pushed an update to iTunes as well by bringing it to version 10.4. iTunes 10.4 was designed to work well with Lion. Among a few bug fixes, iTunes 10.4 gets full-screen mode support with Lion.
“What’s new in iTunes 10.4
iTunes 10.4 is now designed for OS X Lion.
You can now use iTunes with OS X Lion’s new Full-Screen App capability, which allows you to use iTunes and other apps without distractions. Navigate between your full-screen apps with a simple gesture.
Note: iTunes is now a 64-bit Cocoa application on OS X Lion and includes a number of important stability and performance improvements. Some iTunes plug-ins may no longer be compatible with this version of iTunes. Please contact the plug-in developer for an updated plug-in compatible with iTunes 10.4.”
You can download iTunes 10.4 via iTunes > Check for Updates.


  1. I updated to itunes 10.4 and i get a message that Mystrands plugin does not support 64 bit. How can I contact the developer to see if they have an update for Lion 10.7 and iTunes 10.4.

  2. As i Know you do supposed to have an Apple Developer Account then you will be able to contact them