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Sunday, July 24, 2011

Google Suspends iPhone Dev Team Member And Jailbreak Coder MuscleNerd’s Account On Google+

It appears Google may be getting a little angsty over the enforcement of its "real name" rule on Google+, with the search giant now having reportedly removed famous jailbreak hacker and Dev Team member, MuscleNerd (@) from the social network.


According to MyGreatiPhone, MuscleNerd's profile was removed due to him using a first and last name which are considered not his real birth names. Citing his own issues with the service, author "LVCIFER" notes that he too was kicked off the social network within 48-hours due to using the first name "LVCIFER" and the second name "™". We should note that it is considered unadvised to use the ™ trademark moniker without prior registration, although this was unlikely the reason for the temporary removal of the profile in this particular case.

The use of the trademark moniker aside, it appears Google wants every user account on the service to use real names for their profiles. The news follows the search giant enforcing that all Google+ profiles must be set to "public" before July 31 or those accounts which fail to comply with this may be pulled from the service.

In a post just a few weeks ago, jailbreak founder Jay Freeman (Saurik) highlighted his opinion on Google asking those using the service to use their real names instead of online "usernames".

In the last couple days, Google has taken to quite actively enforcing its "real name" rule, banning or suspending accounts (with many reports of users getting locked out of all of Google, as opposed to just +) with names that "look funny" (such as including symbols, "including period"), as well as actively suspending accounts of users who use non-real names.

For more information, I highly recommend readers read through some of the comments on a recent post by +Robert Scoble, where +Gowtham S, an "infrastructure engineer" at Google (and someone I simply am unable to mention correctly at this point in this post due to what seems like a stupid bug in Google+ involving people with non-unique names) responds with some details on what is being banned.

He continued:

Personally, I think this is ludicrous… Google's attempts to enforce what a name is don't even stand up to the test of multiple cultures, much less the test of an online pseudonymous world. +Gowtham S, even, was forced into the position of specifying a last name, something he does not actually have, and therefore falling back to an initial of his father's first name.

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