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Monday, July 18, 2011

iPhone 4 Dual SIM: 2 SIMs Simultaneously Active

Today we propose instead a dual SIM card that can use the SIM with simultaneous active. 
We talk about the iPhone Dual SIM 4. This case, charging the battery and the SIM inserted in the slot, allow you to receive and make calls on both SIM together. 
Before you begin to describe the housing, it is noted that for its use of the JB you need your iPhone. 
To use the second SIM card, in fact, we will install the application 2Phone, available on the repository The download was very slow and the installation procedure the next restart of the device.

Once that is completed, we will have a new application in the Home: 2Phone. 
Through it we can handle two SIM cards simultaneously. It 'important to note that, in the case of PIN entry for the second card, we will access the application in order to unlock the SIM. 
Once this is done, the card inside your iPhone 4 will be handled by the native and the second SIM card phone from the new application. 
Let's see how this is composed Dual Sim iPhone 4.

Once we receive the package, we will find ourselves back where a cover and a battery compartment for inserting the second SIM card, a sort of bumper drive that attaches via snap the back cover, and a charging cable for the cover and the iPhone and a small manual in English. 
Once you have completed your installation, we will have two buttons that turn on and off with the cover (located on the right) and check the status of the battery (located on the left). 
We tried to make calls with both SIM and all were carried out without any problem. 
As for incoming calls, the cover can easily handle both SIM.

Unfortunately we will not, directly on the home, the information signal of the second sheet we will be obliged to enter the application 2Phone.

In conclusion, this is an excellent solution to have two active SIMs simultaneously with it. Unfortunately, being released on the App Store application will be used only by those who made the JB your iPhone 4. 
4 Dual Sim iPhone is available at a price of € 159.90, including VAT.

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