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Thursday, July 21, 2011

Delete Entire Words Quickly With ‘Delete Word’ For iPhone And iPad [Jailbreak Tweak]

Today we speak of a very small tweak useful: we're talking Delete Word, developed by ISAM, which allows you to quickly delete the words you typed in any application installed on your iPhone.

You wrote a message and want to quickly type a new delete? You want to quickly remove one or more words that were about to publish as status update on Facebook? With Word Delete this process is very fast, even more than it is native IOS.The rapid elimination will be possible with pressing the button "Erase" (the gray button with an arrow, just before the Enter key) the Shift key, found on the left of the keyboard. That way your iPhone quickly erase the words you typed into any application that supports text entry.

Delete Word found in Cydia and you can download for free from the BigBoss repository. Tweak does not add new icons to the home and there are no settings to adjus


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