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Friday, July 29, 2011

iTunes 11 To Get A UI Overhaul Along With Deeper iCloud Integration [REPORT

As reported by various American blogs, Apple is working on a new version of iTunes that would be launched in September, along with the new iPhone and iPhone OS 5.

iTunes 11 would be a completely different program than the current one and restructured, rewritten from scratch, with a better interface and seamless integration with the functions icloud.

The interface would become much more "clean" and simple icons icloud would be combined in an optimal manner and the general interface would be focused mainly on the online store. Even backups icloud would be integrated into iTunes, with the possibility, therefore, to save them locally and not only online store. In addition, 11 would also store the iTunes application data and share them: for example, if you have reached level 10 Angry Birds, you can synchronize the progress and bring you icloud and iTunes from iPhone to iPad, or vice versa.

At the moment it is only a rumor, but we will keep you updated when new.

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